Effective Ways to Get Rid of Depression

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In this world there will hardly be a person who can claim that he/she is free from any kind of depression. Depression is part of our life but it depends on an individual as how to get rid of it. Depression is a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity. It is an emotional disorder, and nothing to be ashamed of. But often, people who are in depression are suffering from pessimistic thoughts about themselves. These pessimistic thoughts lead to even further depression making a cycle that gets hard to stop. In depression a person loses his energy to cope with a challenge.

The following tips will come in handy in one place or another. I would suggest you to get a print out and display it in your room, office, and give it to your friends, or anywhere you spend much of your time.

Understand your liking. This can be done efficiently by trying the following exercise:

Write down 5 things you like about someone you commend (you can choose a friend, relative, colleague or celebrity), then one thing you do not like about them.

After that, pick someone you don’t like. Write down 5 things you dislike about them and one thing you like about them. Then turn your views to yourself. Write down one thing you don’t like about yourself. After that, write down 5 things you really like about yourself. The exercise will help train the mind to focus on what is good about you, not what is bad.

Burn a piece of paper. Write down on a piece of paper what you don’t like about yourself, then burn that piece of paper and watch it disappear. It is an effective and symbolic gesture.

Flowers which smell good. Scent followers, colorful lights and sunshine are good in reducing depression. Getting some fresh air can also help.

Change your eating habits. An occasional treat does not hurt you, but make sure that your diet is based on fresh vegetables and fruits. A balanced diet keeps the nutrients in your body normal, which ultimately helps in getting rid of depression.

Talk to someone trustworthy. It’s been observed in depression that talking to someone whom you trust, such as your close friend, a family member; even a counselor can help minimizing pressure on your mind. Talking or sharing with someone can release your tension to somehow. Try to avoid isolation.

Go outside. Even a little sunshine can help improve your mood. Try to go outside and have some fresh air, reminding yourself that there’s a world out there and you can participate in it as much as you can handle.

Practice Yoga and Meditation. Meditation is a kind of awareness of your mind, and yoga strengthens your body and spirit, which can bring happiness and health and helps getting rid of depression at the same time.

Dance keeps depression away. Find some time and place to dance alone for a few minutes each day on a melodious music or take some dancing classes. It will release your tension and will leave you feeling better about yourself.

Change the Way of ThinkingWhen you’re in tension you always think that you are all alone, no one cares about you, and your world is coming to an end. Maybe you are going through a horrible situation that is causing such feelings. It will change your mood if you change the way you think. Apparently it seems not so easy to do and it is certainly a long process. Start slowly, for example whenever you get pessimistic thoughts go out for a long walk and think something good about yourself or watch a funny movie. Remember it’s a long process so you won’t see results very soon. After awhile you will feel that you are no longer depressed and you have no depressing thoughts!

Exercise regularly.  Half an hour to one hour exercise depending upon the capacity of the body is very essential. Any physical exercise can keep your mind and body strong and active. Doing exercise in an open and fresh air gives you extra benefit as we intake more oxygen. It helps you in reducing depression by maintaining the level of mood and emotional instincts. Physical exercise helps you in dealing with any stressful situation.

Get sufficient Sleep. Get a sufficient amount of sleep everyday and try to follow a regular schedule for your eating as mentioned above. Imbalance or disorder of sleep can further deteriorate the depression.

Avail small pleasures. It is important to avail small happiness in life. Don’t expect happinesses to come all the time. Try to set small and achievable goals in life and make efforts as much as you can to achieve the same. When you achieve these goals it will give u happiness thus reducing depression.

Play with children. Playing with children is a great activity which helps in reducing depression. Children are a source of happiness and playing with them can bring happiness in your life too.

Avoid alcohol and drugs. Using alcohol or drugs and smoking may give temporary relief but when a person gets addicted, it gives a life time trouble to get rid of such habits. So keep yourself away from such bad habits and make your life healthy and productive.

By following the above points you would be able to see positive change, making your life depression-free.

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  1. The description is really helpful.

    The most common way to get under depression is when you accompolish a goal that is not achieved.

    depression is something .. for which we have to fight on our own.its natural in in such a fast life.

  2. I am a teen none of these things have helped. I have tried sucide and failed wht do i do know??

    • Alexa, the best u 2 come out of it is meditation.
      Trust me .life is v v beautiful n wonderful .
      I ‘m v mch sure u wl quickly overcome negetive
      emotions. Keep smile.

    • trust me dont meditate. try not to thinkof the negative thoughts. find a new hobby and focus on that. pick up a new sport. focusing on my dog always makes me feels better; i just imagine him playing when i feel down sometimes

    • Don’t do suicide. It will hurt the ones you love…..instead,just do what you like. For example,if you love video games,play video games. I know that sounds weird,but me friend tried it,and it worked.

    • You have not mentioned one thing Brother Farhan, that when u cry u also feel relaxed. Like ur depression in coming out of ur eyes in a form of tears, when i cry, i put a large piece of cloth in my mouth and i scream to my death, this thing makes me to feel relax a bit

  3. This really helped a lot. I’ve been depressed for about a year and it’s really hard to get rid of. I’m seeing a psychologist and my days still haven’t had felt cleared up. But I’ll be sure too try this.

  4. Very helpful stuff. I wish to get to the same level of happiness I got one day. That day was just so perfect.

  5. Hey Alexa,
    I came across ur words… Its really annoying.
    Depression no doubt for any non achievable things , it will be there… Feel like we lost our life….
    Everyone in this world mite have undergone, this type of feeling atleast ones….Worries should be destroyed first.
    First, The one above, oour living saviour is there to take care of each thing beautifully,…
    Committ your ways and be at peace…Let whatever may happen but still u believe on him most than before…..
    Think this way, everyone undergoes this same problem at any stage or age of life…

    God bless u immenselyyyy with peace and everlasting joy in ur heart!!!!!!!

  6. hi im alyssa… i’ve had depression since i was little, i’ve tried sucide many times but its never worked. i’ve been to doctors and all they did was give me some kinda new drug that doesnt work, i told one lady(that my mom made me go to) about my life and she didnt even know what to say to me.my dad killed himself when i was 8,i found him, my own mother didnt believe me thats not all(but im not going to get into that),and ever since then my life has been horrible…i’ve tried all kind of this things and more, i’ve even accepted christ into my heart but depression just seems to work its way back into my life…not to forget i’m only 15, i want help but no one will

    • Alyssa,

      I know how that feels.Trust me there’s someone who will help you.You just may not knotice it.If noone else will help,I will.I know you posted this last year,but if you still need help,I’ll help you.Please let me know what I can do to help if you still need help.

  7. I am going through Depression and i am only 12, is that bad? Also Your Description helped my friend, Thank you Now My friend is happy. I would help Myself But there’s really no point 🙁

    • I Have tried Suicide four times and i think it might be five soon if i don’t have the help that I need. I would tell my family about my depression but i know that they will worry and i don’t want that to happen. I have these suicidal thoughts in my head and Death, I have been Really down just because of depression!
      I want to live my life but i feel like i shouldn’t be here, not alive, I have been Bottling this up for ages, Every time when i am really really down i start cutting myself and making scars, I know that’s not going to solve anything but i just really don’t want to be here! This is the first time i have ever mentioned it! I was even sure that i wont be here 2012 because i planned my suicide, I even looked on the best methods to suicide i was that sure! 🙁 So i really need your help! Please give me advice that will help me! I would tell someone else but i feel like that they have problems to sort out, like there own.

      I might sound silly coming from a 12 year old but that’s how desperate i am just some i can be happy for once, I don’t know how i came into depression but now i have i hate it! 🙁

      Please Send me an email back or reply back because i need help! :'(

      • sweetie when i was your age i want through the same thing. mine still didnt go away and i am now i6 years old. but it does get a bit better.i need someone to talk to about what has happened to me and stuff.id gladly talk to you and listen to you if youd like? add me on facebook. my name is Anna LetstheHeroin EatherSoul

      • Hey katie…Suicide is not a good thing..i am also a chronic depression patient ..Its been 12 years i am fighting with it..I caught it due to failure in exams and i am a burn victim too..But i have been struggling with it for a long time..I never tried to commit suicide because suicide in our religion is prohibited..it is said that the way u will kill ur self in the hereafter u will attempt the same procedure again and again..so dear believe in God …Yes depressive patients are very weak in making decisions and sorting things out..They get stuck in one situation and it takes a longer time to get out of it..it happens to me many time..I often donot find pleasure in things..but i would say that try to make urself busy in doing what ever stuff u like the most..and yes depression comes and goes away by its own but u may need to consult a psychiatrist who may help you with psychotherapy and medications..but u urself is the best healer of ur self..pray to God and have a firm belief in your heart that one day everyone has to die why not to do good deeds and help others to please your lord..I really feel good from my deep inner side when i help others..even i love to feed my cats and feel satisfied that i have fed someone by the help of my lord and one day he will remove all my sins and purify my soul…hope this will help..Dont get afraid of this worldly challenges these are minor things..and will end one day..this materialistic world will soon come to an end one day…believe in the eternal life which will never end..and u can get it by practicing good deeds and helping others..hope this will help…

  8. I would suggest all of u to read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.It would surely help you to get your life back…Have a happy life.

  9. i think so,these tips are good but not fit for everyone.only islam is the way of getting rid from the depression,say prayer thank ALLAH,and see the people who have less oppertunity than u,

  10. Depression and all other life problems is rooted to psychological issues. If a problem arises and you don’t know how to cope with it and feel depressed chances are u need to work things out in your mind and force your mind strength to get solutions instead of dwelling on a “problem”.

  11. You know , sometimes its hard for a teen to explain anything to their parents . Parents just don’t understand anything we go through NOW . The world is not how it used to be . Sure were kids and all but little do they know , we go through alot of stuff kids aren’t even supposed to go through .

  12. You know , sometimes its hard for a teen to explain anything to their parents . Parents just don’t understand anything we go through NOW . The world is not how it used to be . Sure were kids and all but little do they know , we go through alot of stuff kids aren’t even supposed to go through . Kids need to be heard !

  13. i am 13 and going through a rely bad teacher crush but he lives with a female flat mate which also works at my school and i feel rely depressed and not up to anything anymore i have tryed everything to cure it and nothing has helped my parents arent aware about any of this what so ever and its affected my sleeping pattern and how energetic i feel i just want it to go away it has been going on for 7 months and again my parents dont know about any of this but they can tell something is wrong I WANT TO SORT THIS OUT HELP

    • your life will not pass as you want.It is not anyone’s hand ,it is all because of God willing and he is the most well wisher of you.Better days definetly comes to You just believe…………..

  14. TEA is an anti depressive drink. So when anyone feel depression and tension, just drink a cup of tea and then you will feel comfortable and your tension will be released.

  15. The best way to get rid from depression is ‘love.’ love is happy thing. Say to yourself,”i love everthing, everyone in the world.” say this many times in a day and feel the love. You will definetly get result. You won’t affect by anything that happened to you. Try this. But don’t love on yourself. If you do it then you will get depressed. So love everybody other than you. Love has a power.

  16. Some really nice tips, i like them. Especially the part about the flowers, and going outside. I love nature, and it can really help with this too! Found some other tips that could help too:

  17. I have been through depression and i am still in depression, this problem is inside me when i was 7. When I was 17 i lost a loved one and i wanted to end my life, i tried to suicide but i failed , now again im in depression and tension and i want to try it once more and this time i gonna hit it hard. I think that this world is not for me. i have lived and time has come for me to go to another world.

  18. depression sucks all the life out of you, because soon you wont even be able to feel happy anymore love can be a good thing but at the same times its just awful I still don’t know how to make it feel better ive been listening to music like nickelback, blink 182, all time low, and all American rejects those artists have helped me so find some type of music and listen to it whenever you feel sad, sing the words so loud and have fun with it, it will brighten your day trust me

  19. I have only something to say to all my friends
    1) Suicide is not an answer!
    2) Smile 🙂 This part of time passes its going to be all right
    3) You have 1 Life use it well
    4) think about other things
    5) laugh out loud crie out loud and think out loud
    6) also last of all make a scedual and trie it for the day
    Hope this helped 🙂 😉

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