How to Interact With New People

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In this fast and busy world nobody has enough time to interact with people but it’s necessary to meet new people. People generally find it hard interacting with someone for many reasons either that person is shy or does not have enough confidence. It sounds easy to interact with people but questions arise in mind that why, when, who and how to interact particularly when you do not know someone.

I am personally in favor of interacting with people as there are many benefits of meeting with people than isolation. Without meeting and interacting with people we cannot become an active member of society.

Interacting with people in many societies vary. Particularly interacting with people in Western countries seems far more difficult than interacting with people in Asian countries like Pakistan and India. However interaction with people is not as easy as it seems. It is very important to be very careful when interacting with new people for the very first time. You may not know the psychology of the person as it is generally very difficult to understanding the nature of people. You should bear in mind that appearance is generally deceptive. Interact with people but with extra care as revealing your any weakness can put you in trouble.

Important points when interacting with people:

  • Smile and warmly greet the person whom you want to interact with.
  • Have eye contact throughout the conversation.

  • Do not give any wrong impression that you are indecent or you have any wrong intention.
  • Generally you will have an idea about the psychology of the person in a couple of meetings.
  • Don’t be too frank or close immediately and let this interaction go a long way as with the passage of time you will be able to understand the person properly.
  • If you find that the person is a drug addict or has any bad background then it is better not to interact with people like these.
  • Never tell your weaknesses to anyone even if the person shows great interest or sympathy with you. Telling your weaknesses is one of the most common mistakes everyone makes.
  • Know the person’s family background as this will give you an idea about the nature of the person.
  • Interact with sensible and educated people as they might be able to help you out with many things such as getting a job.
  • Send an email or a message from time to time and ask their well being. You can also give a call occasionally.
  • Offer any help or support if possible and try to fulfill.
  • Never ask for any financial support as this can make the other person less likely to be in contact with you and may lose complete interest in you.
  • Show respect and avoid unnecessary criticism.
  • Do not start completely trusting the person in just a couple of meetings.
  • If you continue interaction with limitations you may prolong good relations with person who you like.

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2 Comments to How to Interact With New People

  1. I think I could user some more advise. I hang out with what I call friends who constantly put me down but try to be funny to cover up the insults. I’m lost with interaction and i think it may be that i have HIV. MY CONFIDENCE is lost and could use help in rebuilding me and am in need of finding a women in my same situation. I’ll listen to any adviser that allows for a putative direction.

  2. @tomcom Dont feel upset or loose confidence in yourself. Just be yourself and ask your friends or one of those friends personally about why they treat you like this. If they treat you just because you have HIV then there is no need to be in a friendly relation with those guys. Go and interact with new ones.Be humble,Be kind and Be as simple as you can be.I know you will make so many friends that would really give you respect and will love to hangout with you…Trust me… All the best

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