Effective Ways to Reduce Terrorism

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Extremism and terrorism has been a growing threat to the entire nations of the world. No country today seems safe in the hands of terrorists in a way or other. Countries like Pakistan have been most affected by the  growing terrorism which has crippled the economy of this country. All civilized countries of the worlds are deeply concerned about the growing terrorism around the world and now everyone seems concerned how to cope with the growing terrorism.

Lots of efforts are being made to eliminate terrorism but it seems that instead of coming to an end it is increasing day by day and more and more people are becoming victims because of terrorism. Extremism and terrorism are spreading like a cancer all almost over the world. The question comes in mind as why this menace is growing and not coming to an end and what are the intentions of the terrorists groups. The terrorists seem to be determined and focussed to destabilize any country unless their nefarious designs are met and what they actually want from the world particularly from the Western countries.

Obviously there are several causes of the growing terrorism and there is a need to find the root causes of this growing threat to save the world and to save our next generation from being victims in the hands of terrorism.

The main causes of Terrorism

  • Poverty.
  • Unemployment.
  • Injustice.
  • Corruption.
  • Lack of Education.


1. Poverty Alleviation: Poverty seems to be the major cause of terrorism. Lack of resources to make ends meet have triggered in growing this menace. Strong and effective efforts are required to reduce poverty. It is poverty which forces people to join terrorism. Masterminds are using terrorists to commit heinous crimes and convince them for suicidal attacks motivating them to going to heaven after killing innocent people. They usually use teenagers to execute their nefarious designs as young and teenage boys are easily convinced to without knowing the consequences. So reducing poverty can have a huge impact on reducing the level of terrorism. As many people will not fall in to the hands of terrorist.

2. Reduce Unemployment: Unemployment is also one of the main causes that help increase terrorism. When people are unemployed, they don’t find opportunities to get a job to support their families and eventually they are made pawns in the hands of terrorists. Terrorists offer such people a huge amount of money and guarantee supporting their families when they kill people according to their wishes. There is an acute need to create employment opportunities so that people should not tilt towards negative activities and they could remain busy in their jobs.

3. End Injustice: There is a lot of injustice almost everywhere especially in the third world countries like in the tribal belt between Afghanistan & Pakistan, the situation is very disturbing in terms of obtaining justice. People cannot get speedy justice. Injustice in the system has supported in increasing terrorism and therefore people take laws in their hands. In Pakistan, people generally have lost trust in judicial and police system. There is much injustice almost everywhere. Rich are becoming more rich whereas poorer are becoming poorer. This gap between the rich and poor has caused people to move towards terrorism as they need shelter, food, cloth, for their families and terrorist masterminds assure them that they will. We need to end this injustice in our society so we can stop terrorism.

4. Corruption: Corruption in our system is increasing day by day. Political leaders especially in the third world countries seem to have no concern with the economic problems and terrorism and they are busy in making money through unfair means. They believe that they won’t be able to get next chance to come in power. Corruption has put no stone unturned in supplementing the hardships of the people. In the third world countries this situation is worse and you cannot even get your legal work done without offering bribery.

5. Lack of Education: Lack of education generally force young generation to join the hands of anti-social elements. There is a dire need to create opportunities for people so that they could educate their children. If people are given education at free of cost, or even minimizing the costs the trend of tilting towards extremism and terrorism can be reduced. The governments should open more and more schools for children, and education should be made available for everyone as it is necessary to make world safe from current and future terrorism.

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26 Comments to Effective Ways to Reduce Terrorism

  1. Actually, there is strong evidence that poverty is not an inherently major factor in terrorism. Remember that the 9-11 and London subway terrorists were all from middle class families and Osama Bin Laden himself comes from a wealthy and highly educated family. Even in Palestine, where terrorists do recruit teenagers as suicide bombers, studies show that the command and control structure of the terror networks are mostly composed of people from comfortable backgrounds. In the United States, domestic terrorists such as Timothy McVeigh were not motivated by a life in poverty, nor could anyone sensibly call the United States a country with anything close to the seething, intense poverty of places like Bangladesh, a country with a relatively low rate of domestic terrorism.

  2. Poverty is a major factor in recruitment of people to commit terror acts. The title says “Effective ways to reduce Terrorism” so reducing poverty will greatly hamper the recruitment of terrorist thus reducing terrorism.

  3. Unfortunately, while poverty reduction is certainly a worthwhile goal just by itself, it’s a myth to suggest that terrorism decreases automatically when poverty decreases.

    If it were true that poverty “is a major factor in recruitment of people to commit terror acts” then why were none of the 9-11 hijackers themselves from poverty-stricken backgrounds? Or the “liquid explosive bombers” in the UK? Or the London subway bombers? Or the terrorists who attempted to release nerve gas in the Tokyo subway system? Or the college kids arrested recently in the US attempting to join a Somali terrorist cell?

    Why are so many of the people who actually committed acts of terrorism not people from poverty?

  4. Good questions. According to a recent study done; poverty had a major impact on terrorism, many of the Taliban who were fighting against the US, NATO & its allies who were caught told the ‘investigators’ that they joined the the so-called terrorist groups only for money. The masterminds gave them a monthly salary which is much greater then they could earn my normal means. As far as your question are concerned they are true, to root out terrorism you have to ‘kill’ their infrastructure which is the one thats fighting on the ground. So you have to reduce poverty, i know it will not completely stop it but it will definitely reduce it.

  5. Educate the women and you eliminate poverty. And please call terrorism what it really is. The word terrorism is just PC for calling a Muslim a Muslim.

    • You get a kick out of dissing Islam, when me being a teenager probably has more values than you, no I don’t hate on christianity or whatever your religion is, but I don’t appreciate you hating on mine. I’m a muslim and I’m proud to вє one, I’m a muslim and I DO NOT support terrorism, I came across this doing a research project for school and I’m utterly disgusted that you would say something so vile. I will admit that majority of terrorists are muslim, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us fall under that category or support them and if you cant see that then you’re living in the stone age. Yes I’m offended by your comment but it just shows what kind of person you are and how miniscule you’re values are.

  6. The Watchman

    Poverty, unemployment, injustice, corruption and lack of education is simply the makeup of the recruitment pool of cannon fodder for operational terrorism. The real masterminds behind terrorism are primarily educated men who through their ideological madness send these useful idiots to their (and their victims) death. There is nothing romantic or ‘freedom’ fighting about it…it is simply the product of a culture of death.

  7. The Vanguard

    Lack of education cannot be a cause to terrorism. In fact, I strongly disagree with all the points mentioned above. Those are contributing factors but are not the main factors. Osama Bin Laden was a mechanical engineer, his associate, Ayman Al Zawahiri is a physician, Mohammed Atta (The main perpetrator of 9/11) had a doctorate in Urban architecture from the University of Hamburg. So many such examples exist. Most Al-Qaeda recruits have a minimum qualification of an engineering degree. Ideology and resentment can be classified as the main causes of terrorism. If poverty were the main cause, then almost the whole of Africa would have to be invaded.

  8. Valid reasoning Farhan. I’m a a Poli Sci and Sociology double major and we discussed these issues extensively in our studies. All these issues you stated are reasons which lead people to engage in acts of terrorism and become part of terrorist organizations. I think many readers are misunderstanding what farhan is saying. The seat of the chair may be made of sturdy and expensive Walnut, but the legs of the chair are cheap synthetic material. The “masterminds” aren’t the ones carrying out acts of terrorism… Bin Laden never jumped in a plane and crashed into a building. Instead, they recruit low-class, uneducated, poor citizens to do those tasks for them. If we address the reasons that cause terrorists to seek out these masterminds or to resort to terrorism for money or other reasons, than -I agree- we may see a reduction in terrorism.

  9. Balogun Oluwakemi

    I think poverty, lack of education nd inequality should be addressed. Look at the so called almanjiris in North Nigeria, if you give them money to go and cause havoc, they will execute it immediatly, nt even a second thought. Why this? They are uneducated, hopeless and hungry people.


    Terrorism is evil hence should be condemned in entirety. Broadly speaking, terrorism should NOT be traced or connected to poverty. They are two world apart. Have you not seen poor people that even in their ugly poor situation, they do not indulge in criminality. Some are relatively rich and wealthy yet wicked cum oppressive pattern is the life they lead. The reasons are traceable to ideology and mindset. That is my submission.

  11. Ashimi Emmanuel

    It wont be incorrect to say that terrorism is endemic in the world and has defied all attempts to erase it from the surface of the earth.yet religious leaders and other world statesmen have lent their voices against this plague, like the meeting held in Assisi Italy but all to no avail. In Nigeria its occurrence has become nearly always, and i wont be surprised if a Nigerian child woke up one morning and ask his mum whether the terrorist attack for that day has occurred. Yet this scourge is not unique to Nigeria. But i have hope of a future world when terrorism will be a thing of the past. This hope i earnestly await its realization.

    for this lives the people idle thus having ideas of turning ageist their government.Thus being terrorist

  13. actually the terrorism is a thread that is connected with bad sides and to eradicate terrorism we need to cut the rope but not alone we all have to come in global consencus to cut this hecking thread.

  14. I have seen all the replies…….. and now I have a question to you all…..

    I admit that POVERTY, UNEMPLOYMENT, Lack of EDUCATION, INJUSTICE, etc..etc….is also a reason behind terrorism….. but not only a reason….

    If these are the only reasons, then why not it is affecting other religions….why only one religion is getting affected…..

    • rudresh deore

      we cant say there is only one religion which is affected
      have any1 gone there and asked there religion, we are attacked by one religion that doesn’t mean there only 1 religion responsible

  15. Good article at arriving at the causes for recruiting “terrorists”. I put Terrorists between quotes because one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. You mentioned the Taliban’s as being terrorists because they were/are fighting the invading US/West to Afghanistan, yet no one in his right mind should call them that. Maybe you’d be justified when dealing with them locally but not when fighting invaders.
    So, you managed to highlight some of the causes for recruitment but not the ROOT CAUSE of terror. I believe that you can ONLY recruit the poor and uneducated when you give them a TRUE cause something that can relate to, some kind of injustice that they’d be willing to die for. But no poor man would ever willingly kill himself and others just because he is poor or uneducated. They need to have a cause to believe in and see their action as justifiable tactic towards defeating the enemy that is causing the injustice or at least as revenge against the enemy.
    So the root cause needs to be exposed, and when it comes to terror in the West that is caused by people of Muslim background INJUSTICE is the keyword. These things are blowback to the terror that the West causes in Arab/Muslim countries. Let me give you an example. Lets suppose 9/11 was carried out by the 19 Muslims and no one else was involved (although evidence negates this conclusion), and lets also suppose that the US/West was justified in invading Afghanistan for the presence of AlQAa’da there. But why did they invade Iraq? there were no iraqis on the planes, nor there were any evidence to support and justify that invasion. Here is the result. Over 1.5 MILLION Arab/Muslim people have been slaughtered by the State-Terror of the US/West. Which means that for the approximately 3000 innocent victims in the US, the US turned around and killed 1.5 MILLION Iraqis (and is responsible for the current state of disintegration of the Middle East)… which means for every US victim, the US killed 500 innocent Arab/muslim which can also be calculated as being 5% of the total population of Iraqi’s (30 Million at the time)… we can also look at it as the US causing 500 9/11’s in Iraq without justification. So what now? The US brutally punished an innocent population justified by 9/11, my question is, Do the Iraqis have the same right to punish the US/West in similar manner? After all, the US is guilty for invading Iraq and causing this massive terror, whereas Iraq/Iraqis were innocent of the charges against them. In a just world, Iraqis/Muslim can go postal against the US/West and they should just SHUT THE FUCK UP about it, but of course neither Muslims nor any decent human being would advocate hurting innocent people in the US or else where, but this is to show you that your cries about terror and the promotion of your victimhood status and the extremism of Arabs/Muslims is unfounded or even backward. Muslim “terrorism” against the west is purely blowback against the Western terror action in Muslim lands PERIOD.
    Now here is how to STOP TERROR once and for all.
    – STOP invading, meddling in, terrorising Arabs/Muslims in their own homelands
    – STOP arming, encouraging and pledging “undying” support for the illegal brutal criminal Zionist entity “israel”.
    – STOP accusing Islam or scapegoating anything else for that matter
    – Declare that you want peace and friendship with the Muslim people and pledge to stop undermining them.


    At that time, I’d dare any “terror organization” if they still exist to be able to recruit a single Muslim Poor or otherwise to die for nothing…

  16. Lack of education cannot be a cause to terrorism. In fact, I strongly disagree with all the points mentioned above. Those are contributing factors but are not the main factors. Osama Bin Laden was a mechanical engineer, his associate, Ayman Al Zawahiri is a physician, Mohammed Atta (The main perpetrator of 9/11) had a doctorate in Urban architecture from the University of Hamburg. So many such examples exist. Most Al-Qaeda recruits have a minimum qualification of an engineering degree. Ideology and resentment can be classified as the main causes of terrorism. If poverty were the main cause, then almost the whole of Africa would have to be invaded.

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