Perfect Guide on Learning to Drive a Car

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Driving a car is an important skill you may need at any time. Learning to drive seems a child’s play but it is not as easy as it seems. You have to understand basic rules of driving and follow traffic rules. However if you are determined you can easily learn.

The below guide will teach you step by step to get you start driving. So do not panic, drive safe, put on the seatbelt and get started.

Get Started

  • Start from the basic. First adjust your seat properly so you easily access the pedals, the rearview mirror and the sideways mirror should also be easily seen by you so that it won’t take time for you to look at them while driving.
  • Starting from your left side you have your clutch, the brake and the accelerator. The acronym CBA should help you remember.

  • The clutch makes the gear neutral while the wheels are both moving. This allows a safe transfer between gears without grinding down the gear’s teeth.
  • Before starting the car, make sure that the gear shift is in neutral position and the hand brake should be down. Switch on the engine and press down on the clutch until it reaches the base.
  • Start by slowly releasing the clutch, this will make the car go forward,  slowly pressing the accelerator while releasing the clutch will make the car go faster. By the time you have completely released he clutch, use the accelerator to keep the car running. Make sure your left foot is lightly resting over the brake as you may need to stop the car at any time.
  • You may only shift to the next gear in the rule of 20s. Once you’ve reached 20 mph, you may then shift to the second gear, and once you have reached 40 mph, you may shift to the third, and so on. This is the same for deceleration. Never skip gears!
  • To shift gears, slowly release the accelerator and press down the clutch, then Shift the gear to the next gear while the clutch is down. After you have shifted the gear press down on the accelerator while releasing the clutch at the same time.
  • If you are in the first gear, you may stop the car using the clutch by releasing the accelerator and pressing down the clutch. For the second gear upward, you must use the brake.
  • When you are about to brake or are  approaching turns, slow the car down to at least the second gear (when turning) and the first gear (when slowing down or stopping).
  • To stop, bring your car down to the first gear. Gently push down the brake until you’ve achieved full stop. Pull up the emergency brake now so that your car shouldn’t move.

For students who are interested to learn driving I would suggest to take lessons from a professional driving institute. There is usually a supervisor to accompany student drivers. Continuous practice is the best way to learn driving.

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  1. Sheffield driving lessons

    Definitely not easy to drive, and to be honest the skills required today are so much different and high that people who passed just 10 years ago would find the current tests to be much tougher than what they had back then. But in truth it’s required. Their are more and more people who are going to be on the roads, it’s important that only a tough test allows someone to be on the roads.

  2. driving lessons croydon

    I agree with your last paragraph. Even if you want to cut costs and get a friend or relative to sit with you you still need to start off by learning all the fundamentals from a qualified instructor.

  3. Shop around not for price but for someone who sounds good on the phone. As a general rule stay away from the national schools.

    If you are not happy with your driving instructor, take a break and shop around. A good instructor not just tells you what to do but imparts his knowledge in such a way that you enjoy and understand.

    If this happens you will be surprised how much and how quickly you learn.

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