How To Impress Your Boss at Workplace

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It is a human psychology to impress everyone. Likewise, every employee at workplace wants to impress his or her boss in way or other. Impressing your boss is very important for many reasons but the most important reason you probably may have in your mind is getting a promotion. Yes I got it right isn’t it? Every single employee wants to earn reputation from their boss and get promoted. So I will tell you very important tips that will give you a high chance of impressing your boss.

Read these following tips and implement on them.


Give high priority to assignments from your boss no matter what even if you have many other assignments pending. Ignoring any assignments from your boss or not prioritizing his/her work will make them feel like you’re not giving him importance. This can seriously impact you in the eyes of your employer. Using a calendar can help you in this process; make a note of every assignment to check how many you have done and how many are pending. Prioritize your boss’s work and try to complete in the given time, this might take you to your limits but don’t worry its worth it.

Give credit

When you have completed an assignment, give your boss credit for his unconditional support. You can also separately thank your employer by leaving a note or by sending them an e-mail.

Don’t Backbit

Backbiting is a bad habit not only if you’re doing against your boss but to others too. Always avoid this habit as it might reach his/her ear one day, this would have a big impact on your job or even worse you might lose your job! So it is better to talk good and avoid unnecessary criticism.

Keep Your Boss Updated

Always update your boss on any happenings in the office, this can be anything from an assignments or an event. Regularly updating your employer gives him confidence in you, this can lead you to even your promotion. Don’t forget to update any news you get from your boss’s superiors. This gives you an extra advantage. Do not put him the dark, get personal but remember no to get too personal.

Do Not Underestimate Your Boss

Underestimating your boss is a wrong thing to do. If you ever get yourself in a situation you wouldn’t want to be, it is your boss who can get you out of trouble. Even if you lose supporters in office, it is your boss that matters at the end of the day.

Create Good Impression

Give a good impression whenever you meet your boss, whether it is going to his office room or meeting him somewhere else. If you’re going to your boss’s office room remember to take notes this not only gives a good impression but helps you remember to take some important points.

All the above tips will greatly increase your chances of impressing your boss. If you don’t consider pleasing your boss as part of your job, this is not going to work. So it is really important to acknowledge this as part of your job.

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