How To Create & Manage Facebook Groups

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Facebook group’s, one of the recently launched application on Facebook is one of  most used and fastest growing application on Facebook. Here is a step by step guide on simply everything you would want to know about Facebook groups.

Creating Facebook Groups

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on Create group.

creating Facebook group

  • After you have clicked on create group. It will open a box like the one below.

create box for facebook

  • Here you can give a name for the group, add members to it, and change the privacy settings according to your need.

filled out group Facebook

  • After giving a name, adding the members and setting the privacy settings according to your need. Click Create. You have now created your own group and it will look something like the one below.

group finished Facebook

Managing Your Group


  • On the top right corner click Edit Group
  • It will take you to a page like the one below. Click on Profile Picture.

  • After clicking on Profile Picture, click on Choose File, if you want to take a picture from your computer or you can directly take a picture by clicking Take a Picture.


  • On your group’s home page, on the right side click on Add Friends to Group.

  • After clicking, a box will open, here you can type the name and add your friends.


  • To manage notifications, Click on Edit Settings on the top right corner.

  • You can turn off the email notification, change if you want to see the group’s post in homepage or not and other notifications.


  • To add a post: link, photo, video, event or a document use the share toolbar.

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