IPad 2 Preview This Week & Launch In March Without Steve Jobs?

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Rumors circulating around the web are suggesting that ipad 2 ( second generation ) will be unveiled this month and maybe shipped in march.

Apple normally makes its announcements in January and June, but may not have wanted to steal the spotlight from the Verizon iPhone.

The rumors about the release date for ipad2 seem to have come from a Japanese blog Macotakara, which has previously leaked details about iPad cases, speculating that the production schedules at Foxconn point to a March release.

Apple is planning an iOS event this week, and makes sense that Ipad 2 will make its first appearance there. The even is likely to be a ” small one ” compared to the grand events Apple normally does as this time the CEO Steve Jobs is one sick leave. Although Steve Jobs has increasingly been turning stage time at Apple events over to his management, he has still been a notable presence in recent Apple product launches, creating enthusiasm amongst the crowd. IPad 2 ” launch event” without Steve Jobs will make this event a “small one”, but will the Ipad 2 speak for itself?

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