Another 4-5 Weeks Delay For iPad 2 Online Orders

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The shortage of iPad 2 continues as it hits Apple’s online store. It is now getting delayed by 4-5 weeks!

ipad 2 delayThat is a lot of time for those iPad 2 fans. At first Apple’s online store mentioned a 3-5 day ship time which later jumped to to 5-7 days then to 2-3 weeks and now the Apple online store is showing 4-5 weeks shipping time! So if you order an iPad 2 right now from the Apple’s online store you would be expecting your iPad 2 to arrive at the probably at the end of April. That is a lot of time for those of you who had been waiting to get their hands on the new iPad 2.

Currently all the iPad 2 models which includes both AT&T and Verizon are expecting this delay. The shortage has not only hit the online store but also the entire retail stores across America which include Walmart, Best Buy, and other Apple stores.


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