iPhone 4 Over Heating Problem – Solved (Guide)

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Many iPhone 4 users have reported that they seen their iPhone 4 get hot after updating to iOS 4.3 and iOS 4.3.1. This iPhone 4 heating has drained battery power up to 10% -14%. If you have this problem don’t worry, you can now fix it.

The phone overheating or running down the battery when on standby is the result of an application trying to send data and failing or sending large quantities of data; it’s the only thing that can cause that much battery drain. Games can cause heavy drain also, but that’s clearly not the issue if the phone is asleep. The troubleshooting procedure is to identify the app (or rarely apps), disable it, reboot, and then try to enable it.

If the problem isn’t email there are a few basic troubleshooting steps (stop once one works):

1. Drain the battery all the way until the phone shuts off and won’t restart, then charge for 4 hours with a wall charger.

2. Go to Settings/General/Reset and Reset Network Settings, then reboot (you will lose WiFi passwords)

3. Same, but Reset All Settings

4. Try disabling the following apps (in Settings/General/Restrictions): Multiplayer Games, Ping, App Store, iTunes Store. Then reboot. If this fixes it turn on the ones you use (one at a time) and see if the problem returns. It probably won’t.

5. Check 3rd party apps, especially Facebook, Yahoo, any app that uses Notifications (e.g., news apps) and any streaming apps. Some of them do not terminate unless you explicitly disconnect.

6. Some people have reported Facetime and Find my iPhone causing heavy battery drain. Worth checking

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5 Comments to iPhone 4 Over Heating Problem – Solved (Guide)

  1. So if my charger is also hot as well does that indicate a faulty battery you reckon? Coz my iPhone get to about 43-45 degC it started Saturday.

  2. This procedure really worked. I actually restored my backup from icloud, using a backup made from two days prior to the problem started. It really worked! !!! 🙂
    Also the restrictions helped a lot. Thanks for this post.

  3. I tried but no good it gets 2 a point that I have 2 put the iphone 4 down or shut it down for 45 minutes at a time….. its started from day 2 of collection now the hot spots not even connecting 2 eney phone or lap top………my names dexter cell number +26 0965 56 19 55………plz its only been 3 weeks since I got it

  4. I have iphone 4 overheated. Tried force rebooting but stil wont turn on. Tried charging it for 4 hours still wont work. Tried replacing a new replacement battery but that didn’t help either. Any help on this?

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