Top 5 Best Cydia iPhone Apps To Must Have In 2011!

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There are thousands and thousands of apps on Cydia but it gets really confusing to get which one especially when most of them are free and you have limited time to search. So we have saved you a lot of time on the search and brought you the Top 5 best cydia iPhone apps that you should definitely have in 2011.

So lets get started with the List!

1. BigU Movies App

So what does this iPhone app do? Well its the best app out there which allows you to stream or download new full movies in very high quality.

Bigu Movies app

BigU Movies brings stream or download thousands of high quality full movies instantly! New content is added very frequently. This app has a user friendly interface with many capabilities, which allows you to find your favorite movies fast and easy. This app will allow you to display your movies on your TV with the new built-in TV-OUT feature! Rename movies, sync your downloaded movies to your computer, and replay your movies all through the My Movies tab. Through this app you also have the ability to even share your movies with any web browser!

Where to get it? you can download BigU Movies app from the Cydia Store under BigBoss repository for free!


2. Winterboard App

Winterboard App is one of the best apps for customizing your iPhone, iPod or iPad to fit your personalized taste with thousands of theme options. It lets you apply themes to your iPhone, just like what you apply themes to the Windows desktop but with a greater customization. One of the other great features of winterboard app is it lets you mix in themes together, giving it an awesome effect!

winterboard iPhone app

Winterboard app has been developed by non other then the man himself Jay freeman developer of Cydia!

Where to get it? Just go to Cydia and type Winterboard and download it from there. After download you can download themes, etc n enable it from winterboard.

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3. PkgBackup App

PkgBackup App is the best app for backing up all Cydia packages, themes, apps, tweaks & sources so you never lose anything after a restore!

When you restore your iPhone/iTouch firmware you lose all your packages/apps installed from Cydia and it’s really time consuming to reinstall all Cydia apps. So this is where PkgBackup app for iPhone comes in. It does all the work of backing up for so you don’t need to worry if you still have that app after a restore.

Pkgbackup iPhone app

Where to get it? Go to cydia and search for Pkgbackup and it will be all yours for a well deserved price of $7.99.


4. 3G Unrestrictor

This app “3G Unrestrictor” for the iPhone tricks your iPhone into thinking that it’s on WiFi when its really on 3G. So you might ask why is this useful. Well its useful in many ways, first of all it will allow you to use those applications that are restricted to wifi on 3G like watching HD Youtube videos, use Facetime on 3G and download larger apps and also great for Skype on 3G.

3G unrestrictor FaceTime

It is available for $2.00 under the BigBoss repository in Cydia. A must have for jailbreak users.

5. Bitesms App

Are you a textaholic? Do you text a lot? If yes, then this app is definitely for you.

Here is the list of features in Bitesms:

  • Quick Reply
  • Quick Compose
  • Quick List
  • Ringtones – NEW
  • Delivery Reports
  • Scheduled SMS
  • Passcode Lock
  • Contact Pics
  • Adding Smileys, Templates & Contacts
  • Signatures
  • Privacy
  • Cancel Sending
  • Retry on Failed – NEW
  • Failed Indicator
  • Accents/Diacritics
  • Character & Credit Counter
  • Message Timestamp
  • Quick Forward a Message
  • Proxy Support
  • Control Auto-Correction
  • Hide Keyboard

Bitesms app for iPhone

It is definitely an app that you should check out. A thing to mention here is that it has 14 day free trail period and after that if you still want it free then you have to withstand the ads, or you can just buy it if you don’t like the ads. It is available in Cydia under “Featured” section, just install it from there.


There you go folks, those are the Top 5 Best Cydia iPhone Apps chosen by, if you think there are better apps out there let us know in the comments below. Remember all these apps require you to jailbreak your iPhone so if your iPhone isn’t jailbreak then just click here to jailbreak your iPhone on the latest firmware!


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29 Comments to Top 5 Best Cydia iPhone Apps To Must Have In 2011!

  1. BigU sounds really great, but you have to pay membership to access the movies
    (now it kinda seems like Netflix)

    • Actually it’s nothing like NetfIix. NetfIix has a very limited amount of movies for streaming where as the bigU Movies app from Cydia offers streaming for all their movies and I can choose to download them if I want. NetfIix charges me $9 every mo and I only had to pay $19.99 for a LIFETIME membership for the bigU Movies app and all the movies are free to watch without having to pay another penny. Both have excellent quality movies however, bigU Movies app seems to get all their movies a month sooner than NetfIix so really this is a No Brainer.

  2. I love bigU Movies app and Installous app cause they’re the only apps I use daily. I’d be lost without both of them. Both of these apps are available on Cydia. bigU Movies app also has an iPad version as well.

  3. I installed the bigU Movies app the other day and realized that I had everything I need from this app so I cancelled Netflix and Blockbuster. bigU is probably one of the best apps I found on Cydia yet.

  4. Thanks for this app review, I have cancelled my Netflix subscription last week after installing the bigU Movies app from Cydia. This app is paving the way of future for how we watch movies on our mobile devices. I can stream the movies or download them and keep them and watch them later when I don’t have internet connection. I am a BIG FAN of the bigU Movies app!!

  5. I read all the comments below and decided to install the bigU Movies app from Cydia. I’m glad I did cause it works great and as advertised. I finished watching a few new movies like Immortal, Tower Heist and Paranormal Activity 3 and the video quality was superb. It’s so worth it!!

  6. just install the bigU app from Cydia and mist say I’m very pleased with the service. Glad I found out about it.

  7. omg i love the bigU Movies app. It’s so addictive I can hardly put my iPad down. So many movies and so little time.

  8. tysiphonehelp


    1. Open Cydia and tap “Manage” then “Sources” (iPhone/iPod touch) or tap on just “Sources” (iPad).

    2. Tap “Edit” then tap “Add”.

    3. Enter in to the box that appears.

    4. Tap “Add Source” and allow Cydia to refresh sources.

    5. Now you will see a new source called “Official bigU Team Repo.

    6. Tap on that source and install the bigU Movies app for your device.

    Or watch these videos tutorials to get bigU Movies app on Cydia.

    iPad Tutorial

    iPhone/iPod touch Tutorial

  9. I been using the bigU app for 3 months and I must say its the best app for watching movies and tv shows.

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