Osama Bin Laden’s Death News – How Twitter Reacted By The Numbers!

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As you know by now that Osama Bin laden has been killed in an operation conducted by the navy seals in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The news of his death spread like wildfire especially on twitter , well how fast was this wildfire? At a peak time there were a whopping 5,106 tweets per second!

The news of his death had spread on twitter before an official announcement came from president Barack Obama himself. When Mr. Obama had started his speech it had peeked to 5,106 tweets per second and when he just finished it, the volume of tweets were 5008 tweets per second.

Twitter reaction

When the news that Barack Obama was going to announce a speech there were approx. 2,900 tweets per second.

Twitter reaction

When keithurbahn announced the rumor about Osama Bin Laden’s death there were approx. 2,800 tweets per second. By the time of 10 24 pm EST when Keithurbahn tweeted the rumor had started to rise and it showed no sign of stopping.

About 10 45 EST the rumor had turned out to be true an then came all the news agencies who started talking about Osama Bin Laden’s death.

Twitter reaction -04


Twitter reaction -03


Twitter reaction -05

At the time when the news agencies talked about the death of Al-Qaeda leader there were about 3,200 tweets. After that the number of tweets shot up to a whopping 5,106 tweets per second just before the president addressed to the nation.

Osama Barack Obama tweet

When the president started his address to the nation at about 11 30 EST there were about 4,500 TPS (tweets per second), when the president confirmed that Osama Bin Laden has been killed the TPS counter rose to 4,600 TPS. At about 11 45 EST when the president made his final remarks there were about 5,000 TPS! After that the number of tweets started to decline but thats not the end.

The hastags of #Osama #obl #Abbottabad #Sadam hussein #navy seals #pakistan have been trending worldwide, especially the hastags of #osama and #obl which have been trending for more then 36 hours!

Twitter in a tweet mentioned that they saw the highest sustained tweet rates of about 3,000 tweets per second!

Twitter global PR

The whole story of twitter by the numbers can be summed up in the graph by twitter itself.

Tweets per second 2011 osama

There you go folks thats how twitter reacted to the news of death of Osama Bin laden. Tell us how you found out about this news in the comment section below.


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