iOS 4.3.3 Did In-Fact Fix The Location Bug – “Proof”

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Apple has released iOS 4.3.3 claiming that it has fixed the unfamous location tracking bug, which was a major concern to many iPhone users. But did it really fix the location bug? Well PCmag did an investigation and found out that it did in fact fix it! There go all the trolls out of the window.

So how did PCmag come to the conclusion that iOS 4.3.3 fixed the location issue and it does not store your location data? Lets break it down to you in three parts.

1. The iPhone Tracker

One of the simple and best ways is to check using the app iPhone Tracker which accesses the file that are backed up to your computer upon synchronization. So what did they do? They plotted the data on a map.

When we tested this a few weeks ago, the results were clear: while rogue location points peppered the map, for the most part, results appeared surprisingly accurate, showing that the iPhone tracked us to and from work and followed us on vacation. This time, however, there was nothing. Neither of the iPhones we tested showed any evidence of location data being collected and stored in the backup files. So far so good.

This proved it does not store data using iPhone tracker app.

2. Manual Approach

This time PCmag used the manual approach to check whether the iOS 4.3.3 does track or does not. And the answer was that it doesn’t. Before the update iPhone logged a big 380KB and after the update it logged a small 24KB, proving right Apple’s Claim that it doesn’t.

We tried opening the five largest files in SQLite—as they were the best candidates for tracking data—but didn’t find anything even remotely related

3. Latern – iOS Forensic Software

To test Apple’s claim to its limits, the guys over at PCmag brought the powerful Latern version 2.0, which, well simply retrieves everything from text messages to voice mails to well… everything. So what did they find out? Well they found out everything except anything related to location tracking.

While Lantern did an outstanding job retrieving everything from voicemails to text messages from the devices, post-iOS 4.3.3, it found no location-based information on either phone, with or without Location Services enabled.

So there you go folks, Apple did stand true to its word and have fixed the location tracking bug which even brought it in to the attention of the eyes on US congress. Now you can peacefully use your iPhone without the fear of your iPhone tracking you.

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