20,000 Free Songs To Be Launched At Google Music Announcement

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We reported quite a few weeks ago that Google might Launch its Music service at its I/O event, although its not confirmed but there is a high chance that Google is to launch its Google Music service  at its I/O event later today.

Director of Android Product Management, Jamie Rosenberg managed to give some early details to Peter of All Things D about their new service from Google.

The service which is expected to be announced today will offer the ability to store up to 20,000 songs for free, compared to 1,200 songs offered by Amazon. You can stream your songs to well basically any device that supports flash such as Android phone or tablet, too bad iOS users but this feature will be available to you soon.

The new service which was going to be huge was kind of let down by major labels.  “A couple of the major labels were less focused on the innovative vision that we put forward, and more interested in an unreasonable and unsustainable set of business terms ” said Jamie Rosenberg.

The service depicts the same feature of Amazon’s cloud service but unfortunately not the ability to sell songs directly to consumers. A much Let down. But lets see what this service from Google has to offer. Stay tuned we will get you the latest updates directly from I/O Google event.

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