Apple Stores Get A Makeover, Now Featuring New Interactive iPad Displays! (Pics +Video)

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Now we know what Apple had planned on its 10th anniversary which we reported last week. Apple stores are now getting a makeover featuring new interactive iPad displays which will replace information cards.

Apple store


The biggest upgrades to the stores which many fans are calling Apple Store 2.0 is featuring the new iPad displays. Before the upgrade there were cardboard placeholders to the side giving information regarding the product being sold, but now new interactive iPad displays give information.

Talk to specialists

One of the new abilities is “Talk to a Specialists” which gives you the ability to well talk to a specialists. This is particularly useful for those people who are looking for something “new” in the product. This option can make the staff focus on the people who need help instead of the ones who can search for themselves using the interactive displays.

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The staff in the stores wore party harts to celebrate the 10th anniversary Melbourne and Sydney stores. It is expected that the stores in the US are to receive a big update on their store iOS apps, some rumors suggesting that users will be allowed to order a customized product.

Apple store update

This is definitely a great move from Apple bringing their stores to a next level, keeping in mind their competition. So do you think is a great move from Apple? Let us know in the comments below.

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