iOS 5 Is Plagued By Bugs! Here Are Some Of Them

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Only couple of days ago iOS 5 had been released and many users have already found out various bugs in the newly released the iOS 5. Here is a list of most of the iOS 5 bugs found out.

iOS 5 Bugs

  • The photo quality is worse then iOS 4 and are less defined.
  • Some problems relating to reminders.
  • Problems with the rotation of the photos.
  • Problems relating to the alarm selection as when selecting for 12 hours timing it displays in 24 hours.
  • Setting the date in some situations and applications doesn’t seem to be correct.Some times displaying the wrong date.
  • Problems with the activation of iMessage by FaceTime and phone number.
  • When you search for an app, the search is not as immediate but first you must click the “Search” button.
  • The images are viewed in a bad way, a video is displayed as a picture.
  • When you click “Install” from the App Store, you do not have the correct view of the green button on the installation.
  • Problems with the buttons on the Camera, not aligned correctly.
  • Problems with syncing with iTunes via WiFi (always inactive button).
  • Problems with Spotlight on the iPhone (do not display all items).
  • Problems with Spotlight on iPad (gray screen).
  • When searching for Wi-Fi it shows some are available when they are not.
  • There are no background in Native IOS 5.
  • Problems with backups through icloud.

Even though these might seem a lot of bugs but remember iOS 5 is in test version and is not even officially out to public. If you have one then you might be a developer or you got it through some unfair means.

If you find any bugs on the iOS 5 do let us know in the comments below.

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17 Comments to iOS 5 Is Plagued By Bugs! Here Are Some Of Them

  1. One of the bugs I found is when you answer a call. the phone freezes and continues to vibrate and ring.

    The wifi signal keeps dropping even with a strong signal.

    Also sometimes when people try to call me the phone wont ring or even show someone is calling.

  2. Anyone know if apple will merge old apple ids with the account since they want everyone to use the icloud? Most people wont be able to because they have 2 ids.

  3. Had ios 5 for a couple of days, can’t send videos via imessage or whatsapp any longer, photo app crashes a lot, slow transition between photos in view.

  4. I’ve Noticed that the dictionary on the ipad doesn’t work, and also, if left without use for over 6 hours the ipad turns off by itself..

    on the iphone i haven’t found many issues, i have noticed crashed between apps, also if u go home before sms finishes it won’t send it. So you have to go into the message app until it finishes sending

    but besides that, for the most part is pretty good for being the first beta

  5. when someone sends a text phone doesnt always alert you. spent 3 hours waiting for an important text meanwhile it was received at 2 hours but phone didnt show a badge or notification or make a sound

  6. Music Problem

    when ever i play music with headphones plugged in my iPod touch shuts down. in order to listen to music with out shutting my iPod down. i have to play music first, after few secs i plug in my headphones

  7. yea this shit is pissing me off. i guess you can say that apple DID copy android, in the fact that it crashes alot lmfao

    i hope a 3rd beta comes out. i can’t wait to october or whenever the fuck ios5 comes out

  8. I wonder if Apple will ever allow people to downgrade their iTouchs? As in allow people to say which firmware/software they want to run.

    So far as iOS 5 is concerned, Apple are still supporting iPhone 3GS and 3rd Gen iTouch, but I can that support gone for iOS6.

    Was there a specific reason why on 2nd Gen iTouch they stopped support at iOS4.2.1?

  9. I nave problems to create new e-mail accounts. When I try to access settings > mail, contacts, calendário the window close.

  10. Just updated my daughters Ipod touch 4th gen, its not recognizing her email and is when she sends me an email, it saying its from me???? or my ID, any sugguestions.

  11. I can’t search an application on the search button. It keeps saying, No matches for every game I search… Wtf…

  12. all my applications crashes a lot. they only stay for a few minutes and I had to repeatedly load them which becoming iritating and annoying. I should never have upgraded to ios 5 until I’m sure that these bugs are fixed. my iPad is becoming useless to me now

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