iPhone 4 To Be Used In Space For Experimenting!

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Yes you read that right folks, two iPhone 4’s are going to be sent abroad space shuttle Atlantis (on its last mission) for experimenting. These are the first or lets see the first two iPhone’s which are going to be sent to space. Another reason showing how Apple is changing the world.

The iPhone’s are going to be used in four different experiments which will be using an app developed by Odyssey Space Research (OSR) specifically for this purpose. The app will use the iPhone’s camera, gyroscope, and accelerometers.

Here is what the iPhone app developed by Odyssey Space Research will be used for

  • A “limb tracker,” which lets astronauts take a picture of the Earth’s limb (its curved edge). The app then estimates the iPhone’s altitude.
  • A sensor calibration tool that uses camera images plus multiple sensors to calibrate the phone’s gyroscope and accelerometers.
  • Latitude and longitude estimation using photos of the Earth and matching them to wireframes of coastlines.
  • A test to see if space radiation affects computer memory by watching for unintended changes to single bits in the iPhones’ RAM.

In case you were wondering, yes, the iPhones will be put into airplane mode before liftoff.

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