750 Million Active Users & No Sign Of Stopping: Facebook

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The ever growing Facebook is showing no sign of stopping. Now a close source to the company has revealed that there are 750 million active users on Facebook!

Now that’s a staggering number even crossing what many predicted. A couple of weeks ago there was a rumor that Facebook had somewhere between 600-650million users, now even that number has been left in the dust.

The company has not released any official numbers regarding the users. The last time we had any official stats from Facebook was when it reached the 500million mark. Maybe Facebook is waiting to hit that magical 1billion mark and then release some numbers.

Inside Facebook and socialbakers reported 687million, 700million users respectively a couple of weeks ago, so the real number has surpassed these two. What this shows is the staggering growth of the already famous Facebook.

If you’re on Facebook which is highly likely that you are, tell us what you think about the 750 million active users, remember “active users” mean any user who has logged on Facebook within the last 30 days. Do let us know in the comments below.

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