Space Shuttle Atlantis Carrying The First iPhone With SpaceLab App!

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If you have been watching the news lately you would know that the space shuttle Atlantis is on its last mission to space, but did you know that it is carrying two iPhone’s with it? Yes folks the final space shuttle is carrying two specially built iPhones which can handly zero gravity.

With the addition of a three-axis gyro, iPhone 4 offers capabilities previously found in purpose built aerospace hardware. Odyssey Space Research, in commercial cooperation with Nanoracks (, has certified a set of iPhone 4’s to be flown initially on the Space Shuttle, and later returned on a Russian Soyuz. These iPhone 4’s will spend several months on the ISS demonstrating the capabilities of iPhone 4 hardware in space as well as paving the way for future opportunities for getting iOS experiments and devices to the ISS for scientific research and education.

SpaceLab iOS -01

These two iPhone’s will have the specially built app SpaceLab for iOS which will use the iPhone 4’s gyroscope and accelerometer to measure different things.

This app will have;

Limb tracker: which will measure altitude above the Earth’s surface by measuring the curvature of the Earth’s limb.

Sensor Calibration: to be used to take different pictures using QR code using the gyroscope and accelerometer

State Acquisition: It will take different pictures of the earth’s coastline and measure the attitude and altitude from where it has been taken.

Lifecycle Flight Instrumentation: This will see how the iPhone pits against the tough space flight, the amount of radiation it will be confronted and other data collection experiments.

SpaceLab iOS - 02

This app is available for download to anyone with a price tag of $0.99, even though you can use it here on earth but it will not produce any great result as it has been specifically designed for space.

Download SpaceLab app

Download SpaceLab

Well good luck to those astronauts who are going to use this space we wish them a good journey.

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