Assistive Touch Now Available In iOS 5 Beta 3 On iPad

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If you have got iOS 5 beta 3 you would have noted many changes and one of them is the Assistive Touch. Even though it was present in iOS 5 beta 1 and 2, it has now been activated in the latest release that is iOS 5 beta 3.

What Assistive touch does is helps users that have difficulty with the traditional gestures on the iPad.

Assistive Touch iPad 1


assistive touch iPad 2

This new Assistive touch allows users to access all the features of the iPad without having to use the normal gestures by simply pressing on a specific corner. You can pinch, swipe, close, increase/decrease volume, shake, rotate, lock screen and many other functions using the new assistive touch which is available in the iOS 5 beta 3 on the iPad.

iOS 5 beta 3 has been released today which adds new features as well as fixing many bugs that were found out in the previous versions of iOS 5. If you haven’t got iOS 5 beta 3 you can download them.

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