Bounce To Unlock iPhone LockScreen Using GravityLockScreen

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We all have the normal “dull” lockscreen on our iPhone, the “slide to unlock” one but now we have a Cydia tweak to make unlocking your iPhone cooler, and its called GravityLockScreen.

What GravityLockScreen does is, it removes the “slide to unlock” bar and instead of that you just have to scroll the screen upwards for you to unlock it. It adds physics to your lock screen.

GravityLockScreen adds physics to your lock screen. It adds a new way to unlock iPhone with smooth animations and customizable settings. Adjust the gravity and bounce in the settings panel.

GravityLockScreen Features

  • Winterboard independent
  • Adjustable physics
  • See more of your wallpaper removes slide to unlock bar
  • Notifications are seen as usual
  • Locks great with windows OS7 theme
  • Runs well on older versions

Its one of those Cydia tweaks that adds a bit of fun to your iPhone’s lock screen, so if you want just head over to Cydia and find GravityLockScreen in the BigBoss repo. Its worth a reasonable $1.99

iPad support is coming soon so all the iPad users just wait for a little more time to get GravityLockScreen.

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