iPhone 5 Picture Accidentally Leaked Via Photo Stream? (Picture)

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Well the rumor mill of the iPhone 5 never stops and to add to the rumor mill we have a leaked picture of the iPhone 5. When we say leaked, this time we really mean leaked. Yes folks, this might actually be the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 big leak

As you can see from the above picture the icon of the iPhone (the one written on the left side of “take a photo with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) shows something that is very interesting.

The above picture is of the latest photo stream beta which shows an iPhone that does not look like any other iPhone out there, so if we take the previous rumors regarding the larger screen notably the 4″ inch screen of the iPhone 5, it does look like that.

So does this confirm that the next generation iPhone will have a larger screen? Well it does not confirm anything but it does make the “larger screen” rumor more confirmed.

Does’t it look like the Samsung Galaxy S2, i smell a lawsuit.

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