iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S2: Processor Speed Benchmark Test

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We all want to know how iPhone 5, if pitch against Samsung Galaxy S2, will perform. Samsung Galaxy S2 which is the number one contender and the current most powerful smartphone will be against the might Apple’s iPhone 5. The battle for number one spot, who will win, iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S2.

A5 processor chip

While you all might be wondering that iPhone 5 has not been released yet then how can compare iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S2. Yes we know that iPhone 5 is not out yet, but we do know that it is going to have the same processor as Apple’s iPad 2, that is the A5 processor.

Samsung Galaxy S2 II uses graphics processing unit based on the Mali-400 core and it is called the Exynos 4210, and it packs some serious stuff, but the iPhone 5 with A5 processor is even faster.

Samsung implemented a 4-core version of the Mali-400 in the 4210 and its resulting performance is staggering as you can see above. Although it’s still not as fast as the PowerVR SGX 543MP2 found in the iPad 2, it’s anywhere from 1.7 – 4x faster than anything that’s shipping in a smartphone today.

iPhone 5 benchmark test

iPhone 5 is going to have the same processor as Apple’s iPad 2: A5 Processor

As you can see from the above GL Benchmark, the Exynos 4210 (Samsung Galaxy S2) is more than four times faster than 800 MHz A4 iPhone 4, two times faster than 1GHz Tegra 2 Galaxy Tab 10.1, but it fails short of the expected iPhone 5’s A5 processor, which is approximately two times faster than Samsung Galaxy S2’s 1.2 GHz Exynos 4210.

We can be wrong if Apple does not include the A5 processor in the next generation iPhone but it is very likely that iPhone 5 will have A5 processor. So folks if iPhone 5 gets released with A5 processor it will be faster than Samsung Galaxy SII.

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21 Comments to iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S2: Processor Speed Benchmark Test

  1. Michael Schwartz

    I think you should not compare iPad to iPhone as the iPhone CPU is always underclocked compared to iPad
    A4 on the iPhone is ~1/3 slower than A4.

    Also the fragment of test you provide only shows the GPU Comparison between Mali400 and SGX543. A5 which is Cortex ARM A8 based is likely to be slower the same way A4 was compared to original Cortex ARM A8 CPUs

    • Incorrect. Apple’s A5 is Cortex ARM A9 based and has ARMS’s NEON SIMD extensions. Likewise, it will not be slower as you suggest. This information is commonly available, please do a little research before posting false information.

  2. i think Apple is a brand who’s name is enough for the people to buy it… and it was the first phone with such a sensitive touch screen …it was the BEST …it is the BEST…and will always remain the BEST..!!!
    No doubt samsung just copied iPhone…!! i totally support apple for its amazing products that it launches every year…

    • idiot…. who told u that APPUNK is the best !!!???? appunk just offers only good and nice features….and colors on ur lcd screen!APPUNK rely on samsungs hardwares. samsung is the brain of ur hailed Appunk. for short…. appunk has no Brain….. see the difference galaxy s2 much vibrant, clear, amazing, than Ur APPunk. bigger screen loaded features, 8 megapixels, 2nd cam is 2mega, running 1.2gigahertz speed. dual core uses A9 super chip. LED and not lcd of ur appunk ipunk4. now who is copying….??? Ipunk5 launches 8 mega pixel, hd, flash, 1,2 gighertz of speed and what ever which these samsung have it already in the 1st place….. checkk samsung galaxy s2 vs iphone5

    • You shut up Lloyd, She has her opinion and can express it freely. You are just jealous that your S2’s processor isn’t as fast as the A5. You have no valid argument so you just come on here to rip other people. Good Job!!!

  3. SGS 2 can be overclock to 1,5Ghz, and have 1GB Ram. With new android 4.0 (icecream sandwich) have 25% faster system like on 2.3.3. Same was on Galasy S , after upgrade to 2.3.4 have 20% more power .
    Iphone is best finish , details and best quality. ALL BEST games and aplications are not free . In android you can install crack top games . Thats big plus. Also SamsungGalaxyS2 is hot after few minutes games 3D, so choice is …..

  4. Now that want very nice Lloyd. Emily is only having her say. I do agree though, that afetr being a iphone 4 user for 12 mnths…my new Galaxy s2 is by far a quicker piece of kit. The main reason for change is the way apple tell YOU what you can have or not have on YOUR iPhone. Flash for instance. Bluetooth connectivity to other phones as well. Pity on you Apple for being stuck up your own posterior.

  5. i would like sumsung galaxy s2. because we can wacth video flash player is good on the web and now we can install khmer unicode also: so that iphone4 or 4s is not not not no no run flash player so i think no good for everybody. frome me: Mr Sam tepthoren is Cambodia Police(skype name: and facebook is

  6. I think compairing the iphone5 vs sgs2 is a bit over the top. If you compair the sgs2, do it with the iphone4gs. If you want to compair the iphone5, do it with the expected sgs3 (2.0 quadcore).

  7. civilizedbeast

    Yes True, Compare iPhone 5 with upcoming Samsung phone, SG3 or what ever, but b sure Samsung will have an answer for iPhone 5… Cant wait for it goshhhh…

  8. Ok everyone needs to calm down galaxy is obviously faster than the iPhone for now. Who knows if the iPhone 5 is even going to be a success. But for now galaxy your still number1

  9. I want a Samsung Galaxy Note. I do like Apple, but my wife’s Galaxy S II, is awesome. We went to upgrade my wife’s old phone, in the shop we compared Iphone to Galaxy S II, Samsung was lighter, bigger screen, better picture. Was not a hard choice, she chose Samsung. I’ll be getting a Samsung Galaxy note.

  10. This is dumb. It should be getting compared to a galaxy S3. The S3 blows the iPhone away. This is just misinformation, noone is comparing an S2. You compare something in similar price range, something that is the top of the line for Samsung.

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