Watch Live Streaming Of MyGreatFest: First iOS Jailbreaking Convention

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The first ever iOS jailbreaking convention MyGreatFest is less than 24 hours away! If you do not know, MyGreatFest is going to bring the big names of jailbreaking community together for one day of awesomeness.

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Saurik, the creator of Cydia, pOsixninja of the Chronic Dev team, and other well known iOS hackers are going to be present, so if you are going to MyGreatFest then do meet with these awesome guys who have been working for the iOS community for a long time.

For those who can not go to MyGreatFest, well no need to worry as the guys are providing free live streaming of the event. So folks you can watch the entire MyGreatFest even at your home!

The event will start at 9:am GMT, so folks don’t remember to miss the event.

The live streaming of MyGrestFest is embedded below.

The folks over at MyGreatFest have asked to tweet using the hastage #MyGreatFest, to make it a trend. So while you are at it watching the live streaming of MyGrestFest than do tweet using the above hastage.

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