Lost iPhone 5 Search Continues, Police Wants Surveillance Video

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The search for the lost iPhone 5 prototype still continues and this time the San Francisco police department wants the surveillance videos of Cava 22, the bar where apparently an Apple employee lost the next generation iPhone prototype.

Cava 22 iPhone 5

Cava 22, the bar where iPhone 5 prototype was lost

An iPhone 5 prototype being lost was first reported a couple of weeks back when police conducted a search on the house of Sergio Calderón, the man who was believed to have the lost iPhone 5 prototype but later it was revealed that he had sold it on craigslist.

As the drama unfolded it was found out that it was Apple employees who impersonated as police officers had searched the mans house, he was also threatened by the Apple employees to give back the priceless iPhone.

The owner of Cava 22 has told CNET that officers wanted to see the surveillance video regarding the missing iPhone 5.

Jose Valle, whose family owns Cava 22, a popular bar-restaurant in the city’s Mission District, told CNET Friday that officers from the San Francisco Police Department visited the bar about a week ago and left a message that they wanted to see his surveillance video from July 21 and 22 as part of their lost iPhone case. Valle said he has the video and has since tried to connect with investigators but that they have yet to follow up.

Once the police gets their hand on the video what will happen? Well apparently nothing. As neither the Apple employees or anybody else has filed a complaint against anything. So what exactly is the point of the videos? Well so far we do not know.

As the story of the lost iPhone 5 prototype continues we will let you know.

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