Apple Confirms iPhone 5 Launch On October 4!

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It is official folks, Apple has just announced the iPhone 5 event to be held on October 4, as we reported previously. This puts all rumors to an end on when the iPhone 5 was going to be unveiled to the world, so October 4 it is then.

Lets talk iPhone 5

Apple has sent out invites for its upcoming big media event scheduled on October 4 10:00am PST to announce one of the biggest products so far of this year, the iPhone 5.

So folks this is going to be one heck on an event not just for Apple fans but for Tim Cook too, as this would be the first time he would present an iPhone keynote.

The iPhone 5 keynote will take place at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters campus as we reported previously.

One of the interesting things to note is that, will Apple only announce iPhone 5 or will it also launch the much expected cheaper iPhone 4S.

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