From The Start To The End: All iPhone 5 Rumors (Infograph)

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Are you one of those folks who just can’t get enough of the iPhone 5 rumors? Well if you are one of them, we are going to add some fuel to the fire.

Check out this cool infograph from allareacodes who made this “iPhone 5 rumors and road map”. It basically starts from the iPhone 4 launch and slowly moving up its way to the first iPhone 5 rumor and then again heading up until now.

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iPhone 5 infograph rumor

iPhone 5 is going to be unveiled to the world on October 4 at Apple’s home and some lucky employees over at Convent Garden, the largest Apple retail store will be able to see the live stream of this amazing event.

It is expected that iPhone 5 will have an 8mp camera, aluminum back and will be three times faster than iPhone 4.

Add your “rumors” to this iPhone 5 infograph by commenting below.

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