iPhone 4S vs Every Android Device: Benchmark Test Result

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Well we now know what the new iPhone from Apple is but the thing that is left now is comparing iPhone 4S with other smartphones, specifically android devices. iPhone 4S Vs android devices benchmark test. Let the fight begin.

android vs iPhone 4S

Many people were disappointed with the new iPhone 4S as they were expecting a completely new design with some bad ass stuff, they did not get a new design but what the iPhone 4S gave in terms of powerf, was enough.

Those of you who are not geeky enough let me just tell you straight away, iPhone 4S beats the current reigning champion Samsung Galaxy S2 in pretty much every test conducted.

In SunSpider javascript benchmark and BrowserMark test, iPhone 4S performed twice as better than Samsung Galaxy S2 and beat every other android device that was tested.

The other interesting thing to note is that, in BrowserMark test iPhone 4S performed slightly better than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 (running on 3.1 honeycomb).

Check out the results of other android devices against the iPhone 4S which was conducted by anandtech.

iPhone 4S sunspider test

iPhone 4S broweser mark test

Another thing that surprised many was that the A5 processor on the iPhone 4S performs very differently on the iPad 2. iPad 2 A5 processor clocks 1GHz on iOS 5 while the iPhone 4S clocks 800MHz slightly lower then what was predicted.

It seems that Apple is shipping a slightly different A5 for the iPhone 4S. This does make sense as iPhone 4S has a smaller battery compared to the iPad 2.

iPhone 4S overall test

iPhone 4S geekbench

The GLBenchmark tests show that iPhone 4S again beats all other android devices this includes the Samsung Galaxy S2, Infuse 4G, Droid Bionic and others.

Check the GLBenchmark tests below for iPhone 4S vs Android devices.

iPhone 4S GL benchmark test

iPhone 4S GL test

If you had been thinking how the iPhone 4S will do against other contenders, well now you know the answer. iPhone 4S beats every android device out there.

Even though iPhone 4S is the best smartphone now, it did lack what we all had been wanting from Apple, a new design.

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8 Comments to iPhone 4S vs Every Android Device: Benchmark Test Result

  1. benchmarks are so misunderstood and abused that shit like this amounts to nothing more than market advertising. AKA a form of “marketeering” If anyone believes single number/simple bar graphs like that are credible then obviously they know nothing about doing real performance tests and gathering data for analysis. if the author doesn’t present the grounds for testing in a manner that allows others to duplicate the results for themselves. There’s no such thing as a benchmarking application which can take into account every variable that would affect performance in its area of testing. Benchmark scores are not a means of bragging rights or saying one device is better than another. there’s many easier ways of determining that. If these people insist on benchmark comparisons show me the criteria and variables accounted for before testing and a full explanation of the methods used(not simply naming the application used), then repeat the process several times and produce some STATISTICAL graphs. Otherwise claims like these above are nothing more than unfounded, unverifiable BS…

  2. ah, see, i completely disagree. you are going to just dismiss all of the design and effort that went into building these benchmark utilities. maybe you should just dismiss the fact that there are stats here you don’t like. this is more than enough analysis for most people. this isn’t some gaming computer where the values may have more variety, due to the intricate nature of the hardware. these are prebuilt appliances. do you REALLY think a change of a few milliseconds out of thousands is going to add any value to this information? How different do you expect it to be? So, in summary, you use the androids, and this is not bullshit or ‘marketeering’, it is just reality. come back.

  3. Thomas Cogan

    I just got a 4s and it sux. It is slower than the Samsung Conqour I am having fixed. Slow,slow,slow, might be the sprint network. No 4 g or 4g lte. No support for flash come on Apple.

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