A Tribute To The Visionary Steve Jobs

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The world recently lost one of its modern visionaries with the untimely passing of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs transformed the technological landscape into something magical, beautiful, and endlessly fascinating, and all because he wasn’t afraid to think big, and to think against the grain. His Apple legacy made him a household name, and his brave fight against the cancer that ultimately claimed his life made him a global-scale inspiration. But what many people may not know – and what Steve Jobs may someday ultimately stand for – is that he was a living, breathing example of greatness against all odds.

Steve Jobs tribute

More than just a genius and a brave idealist, Steve Jobs overcame great adversity to become the man that we all felt we knew – and that we certainly loved. His biological mother was an unwed graduate student who arranged for a college educated family to adopt him. However, his designated adoptive parents decided last-minute that they rather preferred to have a girl, and a hasty change of plans put Steve into the hands of the people he would come to know as his parents. When Steve’s biological mother found out his adoptive parents were not college educated, she refused to sign the adoption papers, only relenting several months later when it was promised that Steve would go to college. However, that was a promise Job’s parents could not keep with their limited financial means. Steve Jobs never did graduate from college. But he also never gave up on his vision, and persisted in discovering and living up to that vision until the day he died.

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After dropping out of a too-expensive college after only six months, Jobs began sitting in on classes that interested him, with no idea of what he would make of them and only a gut feeling driving him. This adventuring spirit is what led him to develop Apple, with his friend in a basement, over the course of the next ten years. At age thirty, Jobs and Apple had already launched the Mac, and revolutionized the world of computing forever. Apple grew quickly, and Steve Jobs was eventually fired from his own company when the board of directors sided with his business partner over some creative differences. True to form, Jobs bounced back from this adversity and went on to develop and improve on technology
in ways that have bettered lives all over the world. These days, Apple is synonymous with cutting-edge technology and outside the box solutions, and all because Steve Jobs was synonymous with pushing the boundaries and bringing his creative visions to fruition.

There is perhaps no better way to sum up the work of Steve Jobs than to use his own words: “I want to put a ding in the universe.” Steve Jobs, you did exactly what you set out to do, and you did it amazingly. For all you gave us in the field of technology, and for so, so much more, we thank you. The world needs more like you, and you will be sorely missed.

About the Author: Lossa is a fan of technology, Apple products, and Steve Jobs. She will think of him and other visionaries every single time she uses her tablet pc, iPhone, and future technological devices.

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