Facebook To Launch “Buffy”. The First Facebook Phone

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It is finally real. Facebook is going to launch it’s first ever phone nicknamed “Buffy” which will be based on a heavily tweaked Android system.

Facebook phone

According to a report today from allthingsD, Facebook is choosing the Taiwanese hardware maker HTC for the job of creating the first ever Facebook phone which will have social networking at its core.

Facebook has chosen Android but has heavily modified it so Facebook will be at the centre and will support HTML5 as a platform for applications.

Buffy as it’s being nicknamed will be a step forward to compete directly with one of it’s main competitors, Google. Google recently launched its own social network named Google+ which is a direct threat to Facebook.

Facebook with it’s half a billion active users and nearing a total of a billion will pose a great threat not just to Google but also to all other smartphones including Apple’s iPhone. Even though right now it’s to early to judge if it poses a great threat to any smartphone but non-the-less it is one, keeping in mind how many users Facebook has.

So when exactly will Facebook launch its phone? We are still far away from any solid dates but it is expected that it will be launched after 12-18 months.

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