Fix iPhone 4S Echo Bug Problem During Calls

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People were battling with the iPhone 4S battery problem and now we have another problem on top of that. iPhone 4S users are now battling with an echo bug while making calls.

iPhone 4S echo bug

Many people like they did with the iPhone 4S battery problem have turned up at Apple forums and have started complaining regarding this echo during calls.

When making a call on iPhone 4S the echo bug kicks in after sometime (varying with each iPhone 4S). It lasts for sometime and goes away but then returns back.

What this echo bug does is, it also dramatically decreases the audio quality of the call and makes it very difficult to hear what the other person is saying.

Here one of the users have described the echo bug problem

The longest time it has taken for me so far  is about 12 mins before it kicked in! The average time is between 1min to 6 mins for me.  Im going to try and describe the sound as best as possible.  When it happens the volume on the headset suddenly increases, as well as the white nose (snow) in the back ground increases to the point it pretty much over takes the conversation.  The other person experiences quite alot of delay in the echo, about 2 seconds and we are no longer able to communicate with one another due to them hearing the echo.  Unplugging the headset solves the problem, but will only come back once re-plugged in. Also I have noticed that my data from 3g usually drops to Edge or nil and my signal strength becomes very weak. 

Currently there is no permanent solution for fixing this problem but there is a temporary one.

Let me repeat the temporary fix again. If the echo happens, press the speakerphone button on & off to get rid of the echo.

Have you experienced this echo bug on your iPhone 4S or do you have a solution for this? Let us know in the comments below.

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8 Comments to Fix iPhone 4S Echo Bug Problem During Calls

  1. Iphone 4s deception

    I have the same trouble! Echo, my echo trouble don’t stop during a call. In the future, I won’t buy a new released Iphone so early, because there are many hidden bugs in iphone when they release it. In first place antenna trouble next battery, and then echo! No more deception!

  2. I think this is a problem that Apple is not focusing on. it’s apparently affecting many users. I have the echo on the other end people talking to me on my cell phone hear the echo. I don’t, whether I’m on a headset or on the phone, people on the other end are unable to talk to me because the echo to them is so annoying. They need to do something about this. JK

  3. I agree! When I make a call I hear the other person perfectly. But they hear this echo immediately and can’t carry on with the conversation. Is there a function that needs to be changed or is it the phone itself? This phone is to expensive to have ANY problems at all!

  4. My Iphone 4 has just out of the blue developed an echo problem, when I call someone I can hear myself echoing back, only seems to do it when calling Landlines……!!!!!!!!

  5. Only solution I’ve found this far, is to place tape over the little hole next to the headphone jack. But, in doing this you lose quality with audio recording. For example if you were to video something, you would have to remove the tape first

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