Microsoft TellMe VS iPhone 4S Siri (Video Battle)

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A couple of days ago Microsoft chief strategy and research officer Craig Mundie had some words regarding Siri. He was not impressed at all and said that Microsoft already had this technology over a year ago.

So to test Microsoft’s voice assistant feature to see whether if it’s any good compared to Siri check out the video of Apple’s Siri vs Microsoft’s TellMe.

iPhone 4S Siri vs Mircosoft TellMe

When Apple released Siri for iPhone 4S many people got wowed by its ability to respond to any question, not like the ones in which you have to speak like a robot but a truly remarkable personal assistant, but like always there are some people who do not see what Siri truly is.

While many people are still thinking of Siri as being amazing some others are in doubt whether if its any good compared to other mobile “personal assistant”.

Well if you are one of those folks who do not still think Siri as a great feature compared to other voice control features check out the video below of Microsoft’s TellMe vs iPhone 4S Siri

Microsoft TellMe VS iPhone 4S Siri

As you can see from the video above Microsoft’s TellMe is no way near iPhone 4S Siri. They are a mile apart. So as Craig Mundie said “they had this technology over a year ago”, well you can judge if they really had it over a year ago.

Not only is Siri far better than other voice features out there, it is the only one which recognizes what you are saying and responds accurately.

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