Apple HDTV Is Real & Launching in 2012 (Report)

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What started out as a rumor seems to have picked up the full throttle. This time its Gene Munster, the Apple analyst and his betting on the Apple TV that its real and even has spewed out some details.

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The Apple TV which actually started from Steve Jobs’s words “cracked the code for HDTV” seems to be taking shape. Apple analyst Munster has got some details on what could possibly be the real deal, that is the Apple TV.

According to Gene Munster Apple TV would be a real HDTV not like the current set-top box which you have to plugin to your TV. He believes that Apple TV would come in all different sizes, so it would be suitable for not just “family type” but for everyone, that includes those young Apple fanatics who could have a small Apple TV in their rooms.

Like expected Apple TV would be expensive, almost the double price of what a currently HDTV would cost.

Apple would would fully integrate Siri, the voice command application for the iPhone 4S. This would replace your traditional remote with Siri. For instance, rather then flicking channels you can just say “play latest football match” and it would show you the latest football matches that are happening. This was already demonstrated a couple of days earlier by a hacker.

The most important information, the release date. Apple will launch its Apple HDTV in 2012 just before the holiday season, that is about a year from now.

While we are at it, throw some of your own predictions regarding Apple TV in the comments below.

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