How To Unlock iPhone 3GS On iOS 5.01 Using Ultrasnow (Guide)

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Do you own an iPhone 3GS and updated to iOS 5.01 and got stuck on it due to your iPhone getting unlocked? Well if yes to that then we have a solution for you. Read ahead to find out how to unlock iPhone 3GS on iOS 5.01.

unlock Ultrasnow 5.01

There were some guides out showing iPhone 3GS getting unlocked using Ultrasnow 1.2.4 but many users who tried that method faced some “dependency error”, so it did not work properly.

Well here we will show you how to patch that Ultrasnow to make it work properly.

Unlock iPhone 3GS On iOS 5.01

Before we begin your iPhone 3GS should be jailbroken and should have iPad baseband 6.15.00 for this to work.

You Need:

Download CommCenterClassic (Ultrasnow patch file)

Download i-FunBox (Windows)

Download DiskAid (Mac)


STEP 1: Plugin your iPhone 3GS having baseband 6.15.00

STEP 2: Download i-FunBox (Windows) or DiskAid (Mac) depending on what you use from the above links.

STEP 3: Now locate this file

raw file system/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreTelephony.framework/Support/

STEP 4: Now before you move further back up your Ultrasnow patch file (CommCenterClassic) by renaming it to CommCenterClassicold and replace it with the new one.

STEP 5: Start iFile on your iPhone and navigate to this file (If you don’t already have iFile you can get it by adding this repo and download iFile)


STEP 6: Now go to CommCenterClassic > click blue arrow > Access Permissions.

STEP 7: Now you have to change the permissions.

  • User: Read, Write, Execute
  • Group: Read, Execute
  • Global: Read, Execute

STEP 8: Head over to Cydia and download Ultrasnow 1.2.4

STEP 9: Reboot iPhone.

STEP 10: Now turn off 3G and Cell Data Network. To do this head to Settings -> General ->Network.

STEP 11: Insert whatever SIM card you wish to connect.

That’s it! Your iPhone 3GS should be unlocked on iOS 5.01.

If you faced any problem while following this guide. Comment below and we will try to help you out.

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  1. Will this affect the GPS, as admitted from other ipad 6.15.00 baseband, unlock methods? What happens if my bb is 05.16.05? Thanks

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