iPhone 5 Will Be Thinner, Compatible With 3G & 4G

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It has been quite some time since we reported something about the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5. Well we have some news regarding the iPhone 5, courtesy of investment bank Morgan Stanley.

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In a note to investors, analyst Katy Huberty mentioned that the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5, will be thinner than its previous model, the iPhone 4S due to a new touch panel technology.

According to her, new touch panel technology will enable Apple to make the device thinner. Huberty also claimed Apple is “considering” new casing materials.

It is also expected that iPhone 5 will after all get the go ahead for 4G technology which many criticised that the iPhone 4S did not get as many Android phones currently have this 4G technology. iPhone 5 will have the Qualcomm’s quad-mode chip which will enable it to run on 3G as well as 4G “network flavours”.

As considering Apple’s history, it does not incorporate new technology until it is fully rolled out to customers but it seems that Apple might in fact get the 4G technology as hinted by iOS 5.1, which has references to quad core iOS devices.

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The note from Huberty also noted that iPad 3 might be launched within the first quarter of this year 2012. Which according to previous reports seems practical.

Huberty believes production for the next iPad will ramp up at the end of this quarter. She voiced expectations that Apple’s next-generation tablet will have a higher resolution display.

A high resolution display of iPad 3 which had been in buzz for a little now seems a reality. iPad 3 might in fact get a “Retina Display”.


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