Download Whited00r 5.1 To Install Custom iOS 5 For iPhone 2G/3G iPod Touch 1/2

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As most of you who own an A4 or A5 iOS devices (iPhone 4S/4/3GS, iPad 1/2, iPod Touch 3/4) are enjoying iOS 5 on them but you might have forgotten other users. The ones which have been long forgotten, yes I’m talking about the first and second generation iPhone and iPod touch. They currently can not download iOS 5 on their devices, until now.

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Whitedoor has been updated to 5.1 to enable those early iPhone users to install iOS 5 on their device so you can enjoy the features of what this new version brings for you.

Whitedoor 5.1 brings awesome features for those early iOS device which include Newsstand, Multi-tasking, home screen folders, many others.

Whitedoor 5.1 is available for download right now for old iOS devices, so if you are an old iOS device user and want to try out the new iOS 5 then you might want to download this custom iOS 5 firmware.

It is available for free right now from their official website and you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch to install whitedoor 5.1. All it requires is you to connect to iTunes and sideload the custom firmware, a very easy method.

Are you going to try it out?

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4 Comments to Download Whited00r 5.1 To Install Custom iOS 5 For iPhone 2G/3G iPod Touch 1/2

  1. Casuality… i proved it yesterday on iPhone 3G… is great… but, that custom firmware is based on 3.1.3 ipsw… many aplications (compatibles with ios 4 or above) don’t work!

  2. Hi , I have a question, if I install this ios in my iphone2g, can I fter unlocke it.
    Did ultrasnow work on this custom fireware?

    Thanks very much and sorry for my bad English.

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