If Apple Ever Made A Watch This Is How It Will Look Like: iWatch 2

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Apple has been known especially for their great design, so imagine if they made a watch. How will it look like? Well the designers over at ADR Studio have been to work and created a masterpiece on an amazing Apple watch concept and its called the iWatch 2.

iWatch 2 concept -01

Those of you who have been following the tech sphere might already be familiar with ADR studios, these guys created the iPhone SJ concept and last year iWatch, the first version.

They are back at it again and have created this amazing iWatch concept. Which includes WiFi, Bluetooth, able to connect to iPhone and iPad and much more.

iWatch 2 concept -02

iWatch 2 concept -03

Here are the full specs of this amazing iWatch 2 created by ADR studios

  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Integrated RSS Reader
  • 32GB;
  • Weather forecast system;
  • Possibility to connect with Bluetooth or WiFi to iPhone / iPad
  • LCD projector to show everywhere pictures by your iPhone / iPad
  • Frontal face camera
iWatch 2 concept -04


iWatch 2 concept -05

No matter how real it looks it is highly unlikely that it will ever be made. So folks don’t expect Apple to make an iWatch, soon. If Apple does not make this amazing watch concept maybe another company will.

What do you think about this amazing iWatch 2 concept?

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  2. Unfortunately the Android guys got smith. better to play.. check this out: youtube.com/watch?v=BDIiluRLVbs&feature=player_embedded#!

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