Universal SIM By Maximize Trade To Unlock Modem Firmware 4.11.08 Is Fake!

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People who are waiting for an unlock on iPhone 4 modem firmware (baseband 4.11.08) are trying various methods to unlock their iOS device. But as it is turning out most of these methods for unlocking iPhone 4 are fake. Scammers are trying to take full advantage on these users who are waiting for the unlock and one of these scammers are Universal SIM by Maximize Trade.

Fake Unlock 4.11.08

Recently there has been a lot of buzz created by a few around a new SIM that will unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08, this SIM is called Universal SIM by Maximize Trade. Some people on Maypalo’s Facebook fan page posted that they have bought this new SIM to unlock iPhone 4 and it has worked for them, although we mentioned many times that this SIM is fake some people insisted that this works. But now we have video proof that this universal SIM is fake!

As you can see from the video above universal SIM is completely fake and it does not unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08. This fake SIM to unlock iPhone 4 costs around $32. So if anyone tells you to buy a SIM to unlock the infamous baseband, check Maypalo or our Facebook fan page or twitter to see if that SIM is going to work or not.

Currently the only reliable solution for unlocking iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 is Gevey SIM, which is currently under development. It seems that a release date for the Gevey SIM to unlock iPhone 4 is after 7 march (that is when iPad 3 will be launched with iOS 5.1). Lets wait and see what happens.

Maypalo will keep you updated on all the latest news regarding the unlock 4.11.08 so stay in touch!

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9 Comments to Universal SIM By Maximize Trade To Unlock Modem Firmware 4.11.08 Is Fake!

  1. Anyone near New Delhi wants to sell their locked iPhone pls contact Parmeet2k (at) yahoo (dot) com. Pls do mention the network, storage space, color and original bill amount & date.. I desperately need one fast as I have lost mine and cannot show anyone..

  2. stop post any news of Unlock Modem Firmware 4.11.08 which are fake.everything is fake until real unlock release.we no need to know what is fake, we want to know only what is real unlock 4.11.08

  3. Sorry, either Maypalo is Applenberry’s official spokesperson in this gang war of “who gets to unlock 4.11.08” first or jts really a hopeless case altogether.

    Really, really sorry, as much as Maypalo probably thinks it is doing us a huge service by identifying the so called fake solutions out there I cant help but wonder really why it doesnt explain what makes these solutions fake. As such, Maypalo just comes across as an armchair critic calling anything not named Applenberry fake.

    Also, why is there a perceived bias towards Applenberry? There was a previous article here that said the solution was in final testing stage but if you go to the Applenberry website to read the actual announcement you will see that no such announcement was made. Plus there were numerous posts here that said the solution will come out mid Feb now its after iPad3 launch etc., etc. In this article alone, you see the bias Maypalo has towards Applenberry when it categorically stated that the only reliable solution is Applenberry to unlock 4.11.08. How can that be when the actual SIM has not been released yet?

    I hope Maypalo will be more responsible and be really impartial. If a fake is a fake tell us why, explain to us why and dont simply shove it down our faces for all to accept. Again, this is really looking nothing more like a gang war with Maypalo holding hands with Applenberry on this.

    Just my two cents worth.

    • Thank you for showing your concern.

      First of all let me begin by saying we are in no way affiliated with Applenberry and do not promote their products in return for anything. The only reason we point out Applenberry is due to the fact Gevey is the only reliable SIM that has unlocked iPhones for years now. While others have proved to be fake.

      We do not mention a specific company for any reason; but as it has turned out many SIM are fake, including the one posted above ( I have personally tested the SIM myself and it does not work). So therefore as our readers require reliable solutions we have to mention the one that has been trusted for years, in this case it is Gevey SIM (Applenberry).

      We try to bring reliable news to our readers so therefore are very careful on what to post, we wait until we can confirm if a new solution works or not.

      If you have any other concern do not hesitate to contact us.

  4. WTF happened to the good sheriff hassim? Did he call off the planet after making his promise to take the 04.11.08 bb issue personally!!!!!????
    What’s the deal with no update for over a month now?

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