Facebook Turns Its “Aggregated Tags” into Ads!

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The world’s largest social network is going public in just few weeks and it seems like Zuckerberg’s army is on fire! Yes, that’s right. The engineers at Facebook are rolling out changes and new features a lot more quicker than most of the users change their display photos. And “integrating ads” and making ads more social is one of the key areas for Facebook (of course!). Just a few days back, Facebook made ads more “social” by introducing a new feature called “sponsored stories” which turned your friends into a product (or a service) advocate.

And it seems like Facebook has turned “aggregated tags” into ads as well! You may have noticed that when a good number of your friends (or Fan Pages too) are talking about a “common topic”, Facebook’s algorithm aggregates the stories and creates a hyperlink to the topic fan page within Facebook. But today, we noticed something interesting; that Facebook is using the “aggregated tag” as an ad! Take a look at the photo below.

Facebook aggregated ads (4)
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You can see here that a click on the aggregated tag (in this case “Sachin Tendulkar”, the Indian batsman who today became the first cricketer in the entire history of cricket to hit a 100th century) would open a new window with content from ESPN’s Cricket site, which if you saw this before; it would have simply led to the Facebook fan page.

It seems that these aggregated ads has been launched today and we are still waiting when Facebook will officially announce these changes.

More on this coming soon.

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