Downgrading Baseband From 4.11.08 To 4.10.01 For Unlocking Possible?: SHSH Servers

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Downgrading baseband 4.11.08 to 4.10.01 to unlock an iPhone 4 on iOS 5.0.1 had been considered not possible now due to the way baseband works. It is only possible to upgrade a baseband but not downgrade for unlocking purposes unless Apple still signs the firmware. But this might be all about to change according to new SHSH servers.

If you know a little about upgrading and downgrading specific basebands you would know that downgrading a baseband is only possible when Apple still signs them. When Apple released iOS 5 it came with a new baseband 4.11.08 (which is considered one of the toughest basebands to crack), although early users could downgrade to 4.10.01 when Apple was still signing the old firmware but it has been stopped.

Now it seems there might be a possibility according to new SHSH servers. If you have been following the jailbreaking/unlock scene you would know this is not entirely new but the thing that interests me is that these servers can possibly downgrade your baseband.

The folks over at beijingiPhonerepair are reporting something interesting and these are “downgrade SHSH servers” for the iPhone 4 users who are stuck on baseband 4.11.08.

Via email from Chinese hackers who have developed new SHSH downgrade servers.

This service is available to those who have mistakenly updated to iOS 5.0 or 5.0.1 and stuck on baseband 4.11.08.

Software downgrade service: Downgrades to firmware 4.3.5, baseband 04.10.01, no SHSH backup required.

Guaranteed non-hardware type of downgrade, disassembling is not required, will not break your device in any way. You can put a tamper proof sticker on the screws (to prove that the iPhone is not taken apart)”

Now the question that remains is are these downgrade SHSH servers for real? And if they are how do these work for unlocking purposes.

It is also reported that the developers behind this downgrade servers for 4.11.08 are non other then Gevey, the company that has been providing unlocking solutions for years. If it is Gevey it would make sense to charge and small fee and downgrade to 4.10.01 and use Gevey SIM which can unlock that specific baseband.

Although it is too early to determine whether such serves are working or not but it is interesting to see a new kind of solution coming up for those users who are stuck on iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08.

What do you think?

More on this coming soon so stay tuned to Maypalo.

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34 Comments to Downgrading Baseband From 4.11.08 To 4.10.01 For Unlocking Possible?: SHSH Servers

  1. sounds good but whats up with sending the phone, alot of us dont live in the usa. Ive gaven up and goes if there is a unlock, great. If not, my money went down the drain and i have to live with it.

  2. Can anybody here help me to learn “cracking a baseband”.
    Make some posts about this subject.
    then we will have maybe thousands of ppl working on this thing.

    • Hamed Hritani

      Amen to that!! The “Apple Cult” has gone too far being CLOSED on themselves… HTC (or any other Android OS compatible device) will be much safer… But, still: an iPhone is an iPhone 😉

  3. I was thinking of that as POSSIBLE! Downgrading to a specific firmware together with the baseband is just a YES or NO AP Ticket..

  4. why apple inc not open their shsh server and allow us downgrade to the 04.10.01 and all the problems are solved?? why not why not ?????

      • but i need the firmware 4.3.5 my cydia has not the firmware if the apple release the server i think i can unlock my phone.

  5. ya @pple sucks lot, its all their fault!!!They dont get it???More ppl with lock or unlock iphones its more money, but no they want you to buy a brand new iphone 4s….by the shame!!!lol

  6. sending the phone for downgrade make no sense. if they give the ip number of the server to redirect the itunes requests to that server will work but apple ticked are encrypted with a key that only apple has. If they found the key to decrypt that’s possible. Maybe with a little fee to access their sever. I hope to find a solution for my expensive iPod.

  7. Actually this is possible, people earlier this year who saved their SHSH blobs and accidently upgraded to 5.0.1 and got 4.11.08 managed to downgrade to 4.3.5 and get back 4.1 baseband..
    ONLY if you saved SHSH BLOBS!

  8. Fuck give up already on this baseband unlock, waste of fucking time. iPhone 5 is coming in the fall. Get yourself a Galaxy Nexus, I did and couldnt be happier that I stepped away from this never ending waiting game for the unlock just to use my fucking iPhone 4. When you go to the bigger screen the iphone screen just does not compare. Trust me

  9. Sounds like bullsh*t because I downgraded to 4.3.3 when I first bought my iPhone 4 (previous owner thought he was doing me a favor by putting 5.0 on it for me). After the downgrade was complete, I had 4.3.3 and no change in my baseband. It was still 4.11.08.

  10. Just want to let you know guys. Cydia Servers are now accepting iOS 5.1 full shsh blobs. Back-up now! 🙂

  11. I think I need to stop checking this site for info. It doesn’t seem like Maypalo looks out for us. All they do is post any crap they find and feed it to us so we jump on it whether it’s legit or not. Then after several of us report that we were taken advantage of they just give an “oh well this one didn’t work out” update to it. How about doing a little digging first before you send us into the fire Maypalo. Then post it on your site to stay away from instead.

  12. ye right, whatever … I’m getting the Samsung S3 as soon as it comes out and moving on from this apple bs …

  13. Damn! I was a loyal fan of the iphone but i give up too. Going for an Samsung S2. Lets se how good is it.

  14. By HAMZAH AKRAM: “since 4.10 baseband downgrade is not possible, even when apple still signing the firmeware. Shsh servers is a dream”. 🙁 its on his twitter: @hamzah_akram

    • Julio, get the fuck off this site wit the persons name. he has fooled people before and he is a fucking fake. cant believe you have the nerve to make that statement. Nobody wants to visit his twitter. Fuck you fakes.

    • I will piss off his face when I see him !
      he is absolutely FAKE “HACKER” with his FAKE unlock method -_-

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