iOS 5.1 Untether Jailbreak For iPad 2, New iPad & iPhone 4S Still Weeks Away

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Those users who are currently waiting for an untether jailbreak for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the new iPad 3 we have some news for you, this time it is from the famous hacker pod2g who previously created the jailbreak for A5 devices on iOS 5.0.1.

Once the new iPad got launched and hackers got their hands on the new shiny iPad there were apparently three different jailbreaks for this device on iOS 5.1 but since then there has been no news regarding an ETA on the release date for A5+ devices.

Pod2g in some tweets has some news regarding iOS 5.1 untether jailbreak for new iPad 3, iPad 2, and iPhone 4S.

About 5.1 jailbreak for A5+ devices : it’s not out and I have no clue when it’ll happen. I’m working some hours per week on finding vulns.

But right now we (cdev) have some pieces of a userland jailbreak, but we miss some, and even if we had them all, there’s weeks of work…

… to put them all together in a public ready tool.

So there you go folks. An untether jailbreak for these A5+ devices is still weeks away from being released to the general public even if they find an exploit right now.

Currently iOS 5.1 can be jailbroken but its a tethered one and that too only for A4 devices and below. If you have an iPhone 4/3GS you’re good to go on the jailbreak but any iOS device above these. you have to wait a couple of more weeks.


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3 Comments to iOS 5.1 Untether Jailbreak For iPad 2, New iPad & iPhone 4S Still Weeks Away

  1. is there jailbreak for the New Ipad (ipad3) now? im confused if i need to buy it if there’s no way to jailbreak it yet. thanks. i really appreciate your reply…

  2. I just can’t believed having a zero-day exploit on the newest iDevice yet we got nothing new progress on the old iDevices. Would this mean an epic fail?

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