Here Is How To Check If Your iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 Is Eligible For Unlock

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Today is the day you are going to get your iPhone unlocked for free via AT&T. As we reported earlier that AT&T has changed their unlocking policy for iPhone’s and they are going to start unlocking on April 8, Sunday. So folks here is how to check if your iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 is eligible for unlock.

First of all let me give you a little heads up on this situation. We reported earlier the conditions for getting your iPhone unlocked but it seems that many of you are confused whether your iPhone 4 is eligible for unlocking. So here it is again.

iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 Unlock Eligible

The number one condition for your iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 to be eligible for unlocking is that the contract period is over and of course it has to be locked to AT&T. So if your iPhone 4 is currently in any active term commitment with AT&T, you will not be able to get it unlocked!

Secondly; if you had bought your iPhone 4 from someone who had paid the early termination fee, then you will be able to get it unlocked. If you are not sure whether it has been paid or not you can simply ask the previous owner of the iPhone.

Many people commented on Maypalo’s Facebook fan page that they bought their iPhone 4 from eBay and are not sure whether it can be unlocked or not. The answer is simple. You have to be an AT&T customer for them to verify your account for unlocking and in this case you won’t be able to unlock because you have bought it from eBay, therefore you are not an active AT&T customer.

On the other hand if you are an AT&T customer with an iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 that is currently locked. All you have to do is to contact AT&T, you can either email them at AT&T Partnerships Operations at or you can head over to AT&T website. The best way is simply to call AT&T at 1-800-331-0500.

If you are not an AT&T customer and currently do not live in the United States, you probably have a very slim chance of getting your iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 unlocked. But, I do suggest you to contact them. (Contact information in the above paragraph)

If we come across any other way to get your iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 unlocked for free. We will post it here at So stay tuned.

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90 Comments to Here Is How To Check If Your iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 Is Eligible For Unlock

  1. If we had AT&T accounts no one would be worrying about getting an unlock. The purpose is to get our phones unlocked to use with other carriers such as tmobile.

    • Well I just got off the phone with AT&T For all of you that got your Phone from other owners IE Ebay amazon Craigslist ( Chances are the original owners did not Pay their Early term Fees) So dont bother calling, I was told theres absoulutely NO way for AT&T to work around this. So Back to square 1.. I was waiting for a REAL unlock solution, But I guess Ill have to upgrade to the 4s and sale My 4… Ugh

  2. is it possible to get this info through a friend or anyone who is currently an At&t customer? perhaps they can help us if we provide them the IMEI?? does the locked phone should be registered to the customer? help please.

    • Yes, your friend can do the process for you, if you bought the phone from him and he used the phone originally. Simply provide him with the IMEI and have him talk to customer service, they will do a check on his account, then they will either file a request or tell him that they will give him an unlock code within 48-72 hours by email. I know because the same thing is happening to me right now. If he did not own the device previously, then that will probably not work. You could try it out anyway, but chances are it probably won’t work.

  3. Some one with an at&t account and wishes to help other peple with unlocking their iphones,
    Please supply us with your email.
    Many thanks

  4. If someone else is a current customer & you have a iphone 4 for unlock, have them call to unlock a extra purchased iphone from ebay. Might work who knows

  5. thay said to me that thay will send me email and thay unlock it
    but i didnt wt about this email and how to unlock by it ????

  6. Why this post is pointing to 04.11.08?

    When you say 04.11.08 it is only for iPhone 4 models. Do this mean iPhone 4S, 3GS, 3G, & 2G are not included? Kindly check that FARHAN, because as far as I know the free unlocking service of AT&T covers all the iPhone models. As long they had a good standing accounts.

    • Well 2G-3GS can be unlock with ultrasnow so there is no need for them to call AT&T for an unlock. The 4S already have unlock with Gevey sims I believe, so this method is best for iPhone 4 on 4.11.08

      • My BAD, As topic says also. Yet this post shouldn’t just pointed to 04.11.08 knowing the latest baseband released is 04.12.01.

  7. bueno yo compre el mio en amazon y tambien esta bloqueado no se como hacer para ver si lo puedo desbloquear o saber si at&t lo desbloqueara

  8. Eu moro no Brasil e tenho um telefone da at&t, que comprei de um advogado que vai sempre para os EUA., o que eu faço para desbloquea-lo?

    • Pergunte a ele se ele pagou a rescisão de contrato do Iphone que te vendeu com a AT&T. Ou s eo contrato já venceu. Em caso afirmativo, você deve enviar e-mail para a AT&T ( informando o número do seu telefone e o IMEI e aguardar 3 dias úteis para que eles avaliem. Caso o contrato ainda esteja ativo, a rescisão terá que ser paga.

  9. I live in Brazil and I have a phone from AT & T, which bought it from a lawyer who always goes to the U.S.., What I do to unlock it

  10. Well I have someone in my family currently with an AT&T account. I have a locked iPhone and I use Tmobile. So I will give AT&T a call and see if it is possible to unlock the phone with someone else account. I will post the answer when I get it.


    guffaw guffaw, i knew it, those who own locked iphones on 4.11.08 just scored these phones from their original owners. serves you guys right for being so cheap.

    • Oh welcome back! Have you realized already what you are saying before?
      Huh!? *guffaw guffaw*

      BTW, aren’t you tired explaining the same thing, same phrases like that one you posted? You know what!? Ever since you start posting here in MAYPALO, you always include that non-sense scripts. MOVE ON MAN! Be more informative. *TECHIE*



        guffaw, guffaw, at least i’m consistent and more importantly at least i own an unlocked phone, that way am not praying that ATT will actually unlock my second hand iphone, guffaw, guffaw

        BTW, aren’t you tired of waiting for a FREE unlock solution? You know what? Ever since baseband 4.11.08 came out you’ve always been on the lookout for a freebie unlock. MOVE ON MAN, get a higher paying job so you can buy an unlocked iphone *CHEAPO*

        • Waiting for what? FYI! I got one unlocked iPhone 4 and an extra locked one. I don’t mind waiting for the unlock. If it comes then much better, if not? It doesn’t matter.

          So you mean you’re a rich person because you can buy an unlocked iPhone?
          I got questions for you. Have you ever tried different smartphones other than your iPhone? Which is more expensive? Have you ever? And why on th earth this unlocking issues bothers you too much? Saying you are a wealthy guy, then supposedly you’re busy checking the status of your market stocks, investing on large companies, doing advertisements for popularity. Yet I wonder why you are here posting non-sense comments. Dude you don’t have to pretend like a rich one, because and honestly speaking you don’t even sound and look like one. You cannot even understand any technical specification you had in your iPhone. Geez!
          All you say all the time is *CHEAPO* and nothing else. Get a life!

          • IPHONE 4 IS OBSOLETE

            guffaw, guffaw yeah im rich and i pay people to check my stock portfolio and my investments for me, so i have all the time in the world to make the rounds of the different forums and amuse myself with all the lowlives aspiring for a lifestyle they can’t afford, tee hee.

          • *Reply to comment below this post*

            So why not paying for an extra people who can post nicer comments than yours? Because you’re just making yourself like a FOOL!

  12. Guys, I am a former AT&T customer, and called them on Sunday to ask for the unlock for my iPhone 4 (bb 4.11.08). They have started a case for my unlock request, and told that they will get back to me with the unlock code if my device qualifies for the unlock. I paid an early termination fee to cancel my contract with them when I left USA permanently. I assume, my device will qualify for the unlock based on the AT&T’s statment published last Friday. From my experience, if you don’t have a current or past account with AT&T, it seems difficult to get the unlock code for the device because they ask all these standard security questions to access your account. But may be worth trying without the acccount as well. Good luck to all of us..

    • did they ask for your IME security number because i told my sister to call for me and will get back with in a week april 16

      OZZ can u tell me how it work do they just unlock it or give you a code

      • Once they clear that you are the owner of the account, obviously they will get to the point asking for you IMEI number. I believe they process the unlock in their systems and send you the instructions for unlocking through iTunes. In my case, the AT&T rep told me that they will send me an unlock code, but I believe it will be just an email walking me through the steps in iTunes for unlocking.

      • hey can u help me to send my imei, i have a iphone 4 with out contract that i buy from ebay but i dont have at&t account please, i wait for you reply

      • I had to cancel my 2-year contact since I had to move out of USA, and I paid $175 early termination fee.

  13. Be careful you can get in trouble without an account.A guy posted he got into problems with the police because he bought an iphone from ebay and it was reported stolen.So let someone check it before also if you have an account be careful who you unlock it for.I did my iphone unlock through a paid if the iphone isnt yours be very careful its safest to let someone that has access to at&t do it.

  14. well the guy that i bought it from is good he a farmer insurance agent because he want to get a 4s the only thing im scare is the paid part

  15. Guys,
    Before approaching at&t, check whether your IMEI’s are Valid.

    It will show invalid, if it has been Stolen/ Blocked or Black Listed.


  16. I just talked to Att customer service, they told me that they can unlock all iphone, include 4S, so if someone have iphone 4 04.12, that will be ok too.

    • AT&T Unlocking Policy is for lifetime. Once your iPhone got unlocked, you are now free to jump on any iOS version available without worrying to get locked again. They will include your iPhone IMEI in their *Factory* Unlocked Whitelist. ^_^

  17. I called AT&T and they told me that they don’t unlock the iPhone specifically that she heard of.

  18. I just checked my IMEI on the website provided by Solidator, unfortunately i don’t have an att account and can do nothing about it, i can pay someone (via paypal) with an existing att account to send my IMEI to att. 20 bucks to whoever does this for me. Contact me: spacehare@ hotmail . com

  19. please farhan can we send our IMEI to you and you will check for us because we dont have an at&t ACCOUNT and thanks in advance

  20. I WILL pay $10 [another 10 will come your way if my device gets unlocked) Bucks to whoever (att customer) sends my IMEI for unlock to at&t, my IMEI “Validity Assessment” is VERY LIKELY (if interested you can check it at , just contact me to and I will give you my IMEI) So you’ll see it is risk free to send the imei code to AT&T.

    I’m literally giving away 20 bucks (paypal) for 5 minutes of your time. Thank you.

  21. Quoting Muslenerd on Twitter

    For everyone enjoying new AT&T policy: use redsn0w’s “Deactivate” option on “Jailbreak” screen to avoid restoring and losing jailbreak

    it works 100%

  22. this was useless for me. i bought a used iphone at gamestop that comes with no sim inside and locked to at&t. then called (International users have to dial 1-800-335-4685). with the IMEI number to have it unlocked and explained my problem. that i did not know the original owner. they said it was impossible. that i would need the first owner phone# and contract# or contract end date. that the IMEI alone from my iphone was worth nothing for them. too bad. so watch out if you buy a second hand one

    also the chat support is useless cos you need to register an valid at&t service. and with out of contract phones you got no service to register

  23. If the phone is clean as the guy told me , meaning not stolen and left AT&T the proper way, paid termination or contract expired they will unlock it even if you are not an AT&T customer, he said you don’t have to be an AT&T customer previously , it all depends on the phone, he said mine was clean , filed my claim and said someone would call me in the 3 to 5 days period with instructions and an unlock code!,

    • I’ve tried talkig today. The guy who picked my call wasn’t even aware of all of this. He asked me for an at&t number/account and when I told him I didn’t had either he rushed everything to set me for an account. Hope tomorrow’s call settles it all for good. I can assure my phone is clean. I could pay you to give them
      my IMEI, you can check for its status in any site you’d like before sending it to at&t. I know how hard is to trust anybody over the internet but I can fulfill every related request you make before accepting to do it. I’d be happy to pay.

  24. I bought Iphone 4 on 26.06.2010 at AT&T. It was the beginning of the distribution of iphone 4. AT&T told me since not been two years since the beginning of the contractI i will be able to open the phone only in June 2012. Do you have an idea what I can do

  25. What is their policy if you have upgraded to the 4s, but have a couple locked 4’s that are no longer being used?

  26. I called 1-800-331-0500… Went to other issues and tech assistance and the guy new what I was talking About and checked my imei, I told him I bought the phone from a non AT&T cell phone store, but wanted to unlock it for other carriers, he said no problem filed the claim and said they would call me in three to five business days with the unlock code and directions and how to unlock it …he said to me you didn’t have to be a previous account holder just that the phone had to be out of contract by paying an early termination fee or by a contract that was over…it was easy

    • josh can you help me ? i can only call the international number and those guys have no idea. perhaps if i give you my imei you can call the other number for me

  27. Guys in United states..

    Please help us.. We want to unlock ours iphones but we can’t do it.

    I’m in Mexico and I have tried to call but AT&T does not want to help us.

    Please if anybody want to help me, I can give you my IMEI and you try to unlock.

    My email is:


  28. Called today to AT&T. The lady gave me case number and told me that someone will call in 3-5 days and provide unlock code.
    I asked her about itunes, but she said it’s going to be code.

    Will keep you inform about unlocking process.

  29. So only code? I wonder someone genius in “Code Generator” can make one for unlocking iPhone baseband. LOL!

  30. Just called ATT for unlock …nd wow dey juz asked for my imei number nd email dats it .. i m done ..finger crosssed …hope will get my iphone back in action …
    good day

  31. Received email from AT&T about that I’m eligible to have my iPhone to be unlocked.
    There is no code, Connect to itunes, back up and restore.
    And you will enjoy your factory unlocked iPhone.
    Wish you good luck.

  32. i just call them today luckily the one who answer my call was so nice
    so i told i bought my iphone from somewhere but the phone is still locked to at&t so she just ask me about the IMEI and ill just need to wait until next friday for my email…
    even ur not in living in US u can call them via skype and when u call them u need to choose for a customer service (other options) so they dont ask about ur accnt number

  33. My iPhone 4 now unlocked.
    As I posted before, once you receive email from AT&T about your eligibility, you need to connect your iDevice to iTunes and simply do restore.
    But before restore you need to do back up all your files.

    Good luck.

  34. I just tried this unlock method and it worked! Thanks a lot! I did notice that the phone will lose its unlocked state after rebooting or a shutdown, restart and facetime no longer works. I hope you can resolve this, but atleast I know have a working iPhone 4 on 4.11.08 baseband. Thanks again.

  35. Hi Josh said he called 1-800-331-0500… said wanted to unlock it for other carriers, was told no problem filed the claim and said they would call me in three to five business days with the unlock code and directions and how to unlock it

    I called was given answer that it has to be an AT&T branded phone or they will not unlock. I got messed around at the AT&T store, got a sim that didn’t work on my pphone and since it was non-cacelable I ended up buying a GoPhone. I want to be able to use iPhone features.. can anyone help with the AT&T unlock ?

  36. Guys, i just would like to seek for advise… my brother talked to AT&T last April 17 to unlock my iphone. Customer representative processed the request and gave a case number to my brother. He was informed that the unlock code will be sent to email on or before April 25. Question. if AT&T already opened a ticket, does this mean that i’m already eligible for the unlock? Or if i’m not eligible, will they still send an email informing us that they cannot unlock my phone?

    thanks in advance..

  37. yeah, you should call AT&T and talk to them ( nicely ) 🙂 , You want to check IMEI of your phone is legal unlock or not , they will ask you about att account , tell them truth you don’t have or what ever you say , cause you buy the phone from Ebay and it was from the person who did upgrade or off contrac with ATT , that is all , they will help you , good luck !

  38. baha can you please help me? i already receive my mail.. and they said i need an at&t customer accnt so i can process it.. thanks

  39. I just unlocked my “in contract” AT&T iPhone 4. If anyone needs help unlocking their iPhone 4 (AT&T only) then I’m able to get ANY AT&T iPhone unlocked. You don’t need a AT&T account and it could even be in (under) contract. I could still get it factory unlocked (Permanantly). The only condition is that your iPhone must not have been reported stolen. This includes baseband 4.12.01 or 4.11.08. I can only help a few people per day (5 max) not more. Intrested persons can contact me at use the words iPhone – unlock in subject line otherwise your email may fo to spam and I won’t see it.

    I will take me 1-4 days to do this.

  40. I have a question, I’m not AT&T customer, but I have a family member that is, I got my iphone from e-bay, but if my family member says it’s his, will they unlock the Iphone?

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