Here Is How To Unlock AT&T iPhone For Free!

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We are back with yet another post on unlocking iPhone. This time it is for those users who are stuck with AT&T locked iPhone’s. As we reported earlier that AT&T was now unlocking off-contract iPhone’s, so folks here is the step by step method on unlocking your iPhone locked to AT&T for free.

How To Unlock AT&T iPhone For Free

Criteria For Unlock

  • This unlock method is for all AT&T iPhone’s that include iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4’s and iPhone 4S. If you own an iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 and are not sure whether you are eligible or not, CLICK HERE to check if you are.
  • iPhone should not be in an active AT&T term commitment.
  • If iPhone was in an active AT&T term commitment, the early termination fee should have been paid.

Unlock Method For iPhone

If you meet the criteria as mentioned above then follow the step by step method below for getting your iPhone unlocked.

STEP 1: On your iPhone go Settings > General > About and jot down your IMEI.

STEP 2: You can call at this number 1-800-331-0500 or head over to AT&T’s Live Chat Session to talk to AT&T’s customer support representative.

STEP 3: They will ask you to give your IMEI (STEP 1) and all other required details.

STEP 4: They will email you within 24-48 hours stating your unlock is ready or not. It might take even more time in same cases.

STEP 5: The email will tell you exactly what to do to unlock your iPhone.

A normal email will mention:

Thank you for contacting AT&T customer care about unlocking your iPhone.

We have reviewed your request and confirmed that you are eligible to have the requested iPhone unlocked.

To complete the unlock, simply;

1. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC and verify that you have internet connectivity.

2. Connect iPhone using the dock connector to the USB cable that came with your iPhone.

3. Backup and restore your iPhone using iTunes.

That’s it folks, you will have an unlocked iPhone ready to be used on other networks.

One thing we should remind you that if you had a jailbroken iPhone, restoring it will remove the jailbreak and currently iOS 5.1 does not have an untethered jailbreak. So if you want to keep your jailbreak you wont be able to unlock, which I don’t think anyone of you would be willing to do.

There were some comments in previous posts on Maypalo whether somebody else could unlock your iPhone. AT&T has put a restriction on this mentioning only five unlocks per account per year are accepted. So others won’t be able to unlock using their AT&T account unless they have unlocks remaining.

If you have any other questions hit it up in the comment section below.

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78 Comments to Here Is How To Unlock AT&T iPhone For Free!

  1. I live in Brazil is obvious that I have no connection with the AT & T, I bought my iphone from a friend who went to the United States, so he gave me the phone and the accessories, I do not know what to do?

    • same here (dominican republic), but i ask my friend and former owner to call ATT and ask if the phone was elegible, it just happend that 30 min ago he forwared the email they send him informing of the unlock, right now im waiting for Ios 5.1 to download to finnally unlock my phone!!!! soooo happy!!!

  2. Milhares de pessoas terão esse problema, eu estava no chat com um operadora ela me pediu o contrato e eu não tenho nada disso., uso o meu iphone aqui no Brasil com o uso do gevey.

    • Emerson, eu também não tenho contrato e moro no Brasil, mas eu (na verdade um amigo) ligou para a AT&T, passou o IMEI, explicou que não tinha contrato e que morava no Brasil e eles anotaram o e-mail e disseram que entrarão em contato. Tenho esperanças, vamos aguardar…

  3. Thousands of people have this problem, I was chatting with an operator she asked me the contract and I have nothing of it., I use my iPhone here in Brazil with the use of gevey.

  4. iPhone 4 unlocked through AT&T and now being used on T-Mobile!!!

    I just got my brother to unlock my iPhone 4 for me (previously my brother’s). My phone was on iOS 4.3.1 Baseband 4.10.01 and was jailbroken and unlocked with a Gevey SIM. I hated having to reprogram my phone every now and then. Even though they claim no dialing 112 I still had to do that when I moved in and out of coverage.

    My brother who is a current AT&T customer in good standing calls up customer service, tells them he wants his iPhone 4 unlocked and they tell him he cannot unlock it because it has to be a phone that he has owned for 2 years. My brother tells AT&T that he has been a customer for so long and has renewed his contract with them more than once and feels he deserves to have it unlocked because he upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S2 (not an official upgrade but a phone bought outright)

    They ask him for his customer information and put him on hold for an hour (not kidding). While he is on hold he texts me that he needs my IMEI and I give it to him so he could give it to the AT&T rep. The AT&T rep then says he should be receiving an email soon and that I should sync it and restore in iTunes. My brother receives an email with 10 minutes and he fowards it to me. I follow the instructions which is basically use the “Restore” function in iTunes. It prompts me to restore and upgrade my software… now I’m tense because if it doesn’t work, I’ll be stuck on the new iOS with 4.12.01 and no unlock in the horizon.

    I restore and update via iTunes and I am presented with a Congratulation on my unlocked iPhone 4 and I pop in my T-Mobile sim and Life is Good! I didn’t need the AT&T sim to asctivate, just a T-Mobile SIM was fine during activation!!! No more “hactivation” !!! I’m so glad… I have no intention to Jailbreak again and will appreciate my iPhone that much more.

    Note: My brother bought his iPhone off of Craigslist by the way so it was not purchased through AT&T if that matters! I don’t know if this will work on iPhone 3Gs with 6.15.00 baseband though as I have read stories that iTunes will brick your phone if you try to do a restore from that…

  5. Wow so fucking pointlless. Close the page now if you bou ght your iphone off somebody cus if u dont have the original AT&T info this will NOT WORK!!!!!! Whyyyyyyy is there alwaysssssss a catch?!?!?!?

  6. What if the previous owner of my iphone4 upgraded to iphone 4s? Can my phone be unlocked? Is anyone else in the same situation?

    • Yes, you should have no problems unlocking. I’m in the same situation and at&t has confirmed that I can unlock the phone and am currently waiting for the unlock code to do so.

  7. If I got that email with : We have reviewed your request and confirmed that you are eligible to have the requested iPhone unlocked.

    will be world wide unlocked with any simcard like any iPhone factory unlocked ?
    I call them and they send an email for me but till now I can’t believe it @_@

  8. If I got that email with : We have reviewed your request and confirmed that you are eligible to have the requested iPhone unlocked.

    will be world wide unlocked with any simcard like any iPhone factory unlocked ?
    I called them and they sent an email for me but till now I can’t believe it @_@

  9. i have att locked iphone4, i cancelled the contract and paid early termination fees but no longer with att. but they are not ready to unlock the phone for me.

  10. I wonder why my comment hasn’t been approved yet… I laid out specific instructions on how to go about the unlock process…

  11. Apart from the IMEI no., what other details may be requested by AT&T in order for them to unlock your phone?

    • Yes… but who cares right? The phone is now factory unlocked and you never have to worry about the baseband again. You can update to your hearts content… except if you want an untethered Jailbreak.

  12. Wait so my dad has AT&T. I have tmobile and I live in the u.s. If my dad calls them, shouldn’t he be able to unlock my iPhone?

  13. I just called at&t to see if I was eligible to unlock my iPhone 4. I told the lady that I purchased the iPhone from someone on Craigslist. She told me it would take 5-7 days for the email to arrive and say if i was approved or denied.

  14. They said they wont send me any email,they will call and tell me the code,thats all. THey wont tell me how to do with that code ,Anyone can help me with this ?

  15. Well, well, well! That’s what i’ve done about a minute ago 😀

    I’m happy as I used Skype to contact AT&T’s customer support representative. (Here is the number: +18003354685 ) without paying a cent (it’s free of charge)!

    And I followed these steps:

    STEP 1: On your iPhone go Settings > General > About and jot down your IMEI.
    —–> Done
    And Call and say exactely this sentences:

    “Hello sir, madame,
    Well, here is my problem madame/sir, I’m not a customer of AT&T but I got a locked iphone 4 bought from ebay, and I dont know the name of original owner, i’m looking for your help to unlock it please, I would be very thankful madame/sir

    STEP 2: iF They will say: Yes, you’re eligible
    They will ask you to give your IMEI (STEP 1) and your email and your ID
    —-> Done

    STEP 3: They will give you a case number **********_**_******
    —> Done

    STEP 4: They will email you within 24-48 hours stating your unlock is ready or not. It might take even more time in same cases.

    STEP 5: The email will tell you exactly what to do to unlock your iPhone.
    —> That what the representative told me

    I’m waiting for the unlock, I don’t care when, but it will be done! I’m happy, and I will be happiest if this helped ya!

    I speak english like a cow (mostly french), and I’ve tried this without any faith, but it worked! The representative (female) was very nice, and I told her (Thanks from Algeria, Madame, the north of Africa) –> She laught and said You’re Welcome Sir!

    Don’t hesitate to do it, it’s very easy! Fed up with 4.11.08 BB! Only the battery issue will remain now! 24H! it’s too short!

    Dr Symphony

    • Hi Dr Symphony. 🙂

      I have lots of problems when I call AT&T.
      1. They want my customer no. (I´m not a customer).
      2. They want the original receipt or a copy (I don´t have one
      because I bought it on ebay and its 4 years ago).
      3. Even if I had a nice agent, he/she didn´t want to (or couldn´t)
      help me. 🙁

      I would be very thankful if you could help me.
      (It´s the iPhone 2g with an AT&T lock).

      Thank you,

  16. same here symphony the differece is that she told me that i will have to wait 7 days… is that a bad sign??

  17. I got mine unlocked through my ebay seller. He was happy to help me. It was iphone 4, 32GB and bloody 04.11.08 baseband

    • my phone too purchased on ebay..but seller is crook..10 mails he doesnt reply at all.he says only once he busy

  18. I got the email yesterday and it said I was approved!!
    I did all the steps on how toto unlock it and BAM!! The iPhone has been unlock!

  19. Hello,

    I had bought the iPhone 4 in the month of November, year 2010. Will i be able to get rid of AT&T ?

  20. Finally unlocked!! Got my phone from my brother’s friend in November and finally can use every feature. Called AT&T and gave them my Imei and they told me it would take two weeks but it was done the next day. Backed it up and restored it and now it’s working on the t-mobile network! Updated automatically, new baseband

  21. Confirmo a informação do Davon Allen. Resido no Brasil e tenho um Iphone4 AT&T, bem como estava preso na BB 04.11.08. Fiz a ligação para o 1-800 deles e após alguns dias recebi um e-mail informando que poderia desbloquear meu iphone. O procedimento é o de plugar no pc com itunes, atualizando o aparelho. Fiz o procedimento hoje e nesta mesma data já estou com um SIM Card da operadora Vivo.
    Abraços e boa sorte para todos.

  22. How long did you guys have to wait until you received the how-to-do email from AT&T? I received an email with my case’s number last friday and don’t know if I’ve got to wait much more. I’m eager to use my expensive iPod as a phone again…

  23. I got my iPhone 4 os 5.0.1 bb 4.11.08 from a friend in the states, he upgraded to a 4S. He called AT&T and gave them the IMEI code and they said that he would get an email from AT&T by the 17th, which he did not. So, I updated iTunes and I got redsnow, used the deactivate option and then connected the iPhone to iTunes. I have received a congratulations, your iphone has been unlocked message. I was never asked to restore or to upgrade to 5.1 (was afraid to got to 4.12) so now my iphone is factory unlocked, works on Orange Romania, has 5.0.1 and bb 4.11.08.
    Bottom line ? If you HAVE NOT received email confirmation, chances are that AT&T “forgot” to send it but the unlock has been processed. Use redsnow to deactivate then connect it to iTunes directly(that was YOU WILL NOT UPGRADE TO 4.12.08), you might be in luck just as I was. To date , my friend still didn’t receive the email confirmation..
    For questions or if you need the screenshot of you iphone has been unlocked, email me good luck to you all !

  24. Hi guys!!

    I got my iPhone 4, 5.0.1 – 4.11.08 unlocked oficially from AT&T, i’m so glad for this, but i want to make sure one thing.. If i update my iPhone in the future, will i lose my unlock?
    Maybe it sounds stupid, but i want to be 100% sure about it.
    thank you!

    • Hi, What you just said, your phone will still be unlocked.
      It been factory unlocked by at&t, hence this means u can update it to 5.1
      Playing it safe you can preserve your baseband otherwize still leave it on 5.0.1
      Cause 5.0.1 is still unterthered jailbreak

  25. i just call them today luckily the one who answer my call was so nice
    so i told i bought my iphone from somewhere but the phone is still locked to at&t so she just ask me about the IMEI and ill just need to wait until next friday for my email…
    even ur not in living in US u can call them via skype

  26. I received the confirmation mail from at&t and a case number last friday. I was told that the unlocking process would take up to 7 business days, so it makes it today. But I stil haven’t received any mail from at&t with the unlocking instructions. I have connected the iPhone to iTunes in the believe that At&T should have forgotten to send the the email, as Peacock said in a prevoius comment, but no way, it’s still locked. Any suggestions? Is it all a scam? Will I ever have my iPhone unlocked? So tired and bored of waiting…

  27. I did not received any mail cofirmation from at&t the say they are waiting for Apples email. even after 7 days..

  28. Beverly FitzGerald

    All of this is very interesting. I went through AT&T several days ago, got a case number but NEVER received any email from Apple to unlock my old 3G iPhone. Got on the AT&T online chat support this morning and she said Apple sent me an email with instructions. LIAR! I told her they never sent any email & she gave me the web link with the instructions to Restore from a Backup. Did that and I never got any popup saying the phone was unlocked.

    My question is: How can I tell if the iPhone is unlocked or not? 🙂

  29. THE BOTTOM LINE: I posted a help request on the Apple forum. Received 2 responses. The first one wasn’t very helpful. He just asked if I received the popup Congratulations! Your iPhone is now unlocked” message.

    I was just about to drive to the store where I bought this dinosaur 3G phone years ago (a 40 mile rnd. trip) & received an email from another Apple customer who should be running the company. He told me do NOT try to unlock the iPhone in iTunes by trying to RESTORE FROM THE BACKUP (as AT&T told me to do). He said to HIT THE RESTORE BUTTON. I did that and, even though I checked for iPhone software updates this morning, it popped up with an automatic software download & took forever to jump through all of its’ hoops. After that was finished, it went right into the FACTORY RESTORE process. When that was finished, VOILA! UP popped the long awaited message, “Congratulations! Your iPhone is now unlocked.” Then, the iTunes wanted me to re-register it. No Way am I going to do that. When this contract expires, AT&T will be history! I have no patience with liars!

  30. Sir Norman

    I bought a iPhone 4 from a customer that moving to the west coast. I was going to replace my iPhone 2g with it. So I called ATT to get the phone unlocked. They told me that the phone was still under a contract on another phone number.
    Soooooo My customer has moved and I have no way of reaching her.
    So what could I do to get the phone unlocked?

  31. Unless you have the old phone number for the deactivated AT&T sim they will not unlock.

    Thank you for contacting AT&T Customer Care about unlocking your iPhone.

    We are unable to complete your request at this time due to the following reason:
        – No valid current or former mobile/account number associated with request.

    Please click the following link for AT&T’s General Eligibility Requirements for Unlocking iPhone.

  32. Hey, i went through the whole process by phone, gave them the IMEI, and was told the iPhone is eligible to be unlocked. They gave me a case number, and told me the estimated date to be unlocked is May 21st. Does this mean I will get an email on or before the 21st? Also, do you have to restore your phone, or just plug it into iTunes, and do you need a valid AT&T sim in the phone, or can I just throw my T-Mobile sim in there? Thanks in advance! -Cam 🙂

  33. @ CAM: You must WAIT until you receive the email with the unlock instructions.
    1) VERY IMPORTANT: Back up your phone connected to your computer using iTunes before you do the unlock process.
    2) Follow the unlock instructions you receive in the email. They should tell you to connect your iPhone to your computer. Open iTunes if it doesn’t automatically pop up when the phone is connected. Hit RESTORE (do NOT restore from your backup).
    3)The phone will start going through a FACTORY RESTORE that will wipe out all your contacts, all your apps and personalized settings. Don’t freak out~~~if you followed my instructions in item #1, you will be able to get all that back following the factory restore/UNLOCK process.
    NOTE: My iPhone is an old one (3G) so my process was not complicated. If you have an iPhone 3Gs, 4G or 4Gs, it may be a slightly different process so …. follow AT&T’s or Apple’s emailed instructions.
    4) After the iPhone has jumped through all the hoops, you should receive a popup message that says:

    “Congratulations! Your iPhone is now unlocked”

    5) Now, leave the iPhone connected to your computer and SYNCH/BACKUP your iPhone. Voila! You should have it all back the way you were using it except you’re free to flap your wings and fly far away from your present carrier. You will not be able to use the iPhone on any carrier that has a GSM system. My sales manager told me that T-mobile pay ahead SIM cards will work in your unlocked iPhone but you will need to buy one of their lowest cost flip phones that take a SIM card first.

  34. Hi
    I bought my iPhone on eBay contacted the guy who sold me the iPhone to contact AT&T for an unlock. The problem is that he sent me an email that according to AT&T my iPhone isn’t locked but iTunes says that it is..
    Not sure what to do..
    I’ve never requeste an unlock before so I’m not sure why it SHOULD be unlocked?
    Could it be a mistake?

  35. at&t unlock

    hello, i can unlock at&t iphone for 110$.
    contact me on (
    paypal payment is accepted.
    duration from 1 to 3 days.

  36. UNlock any and all at&t iphones, if anyone else tells you they cant unlock it we can.And in just 24-48 hours! We accept paypal and starting at 75usd if you have bulk we can do far cheaper.We are the source Blocked , barred ,lost, etc we unlock them all.

  37. Are u guys all stupid or something just ring AT&T international customer care (1800550000) and give them your Emei number then they will say it can or can’t be done, the first time I rang I was told it wasn’t possible but 2nd time was no problem at all customer care agent said I was eligible and she would get an email sent to me when unlock is ready, why would you consider paying anyone to do this when it’s easy and free to do yourself. All you are paying these people and websites to do is pose as they owner when they contact at&t and then be told yes or no on the unlock. SO ITS A SCAM JUST CONTACT ATT YOURSELF. Gp

  38. Hi@all.

    I really need someone who can unlock my iphone 2g
    because I have the following problem, when I call

    1. They want my customer no. (I´m not a customer).
    2. They want the original receipt or a copy (I don´t have one
    because I bought it on ebay and its 4 years ago).
    3. Even if I had a nice agent, he/she didn´t want to (or couldn´t)
    help me. 🙁

    Please help me!!!
    (Its the iPhone 2g with an AT&T lock).

    Thank you,

  39. Hello
    Have a IPhone4 bought on EBay ( Germany ) used ( no factory new ) unfortunately I had to now find out that it has a ( at & t lock) . I then send an email to sent with the request to unlock this IPhone4 and then gotten this response

    Thank you for your email to AT&T. We are no longer able to support your inquiry via email correspondence.
    You can obtain help in other ways:
    – Service your account by logging into myAT&T which is available 24×7
    – Get online Support
    – If it is more convenient, we also offer Online Chat. You can access a Chat representative by:
    a) Logging into your account at myAT&T and selecting Live Chat
    b) Accessing ContactUs and choosing the service about which you have a concern
    Thank you for using AT&T. We appreciate your business and continued loyalty.
    I live in Germany and not a customer of AT & T , I also am not AT & T account and thus no access to the Device unlock portal to unlock this IPhone4. this was written in a second email to AT & T after which again came the same answer .
    I find this not behave correctly because an AT & T account for a IPhone unlocked not mandatory ist.AT & T forces so that you a prepaid GoPhone SIM card buys what is useless outside the usa or an expensive Unlock Service takes challenging . Because here in Germany appear more and more of these IPhones with the at & t lock and are sold for expensive money here , we are here in Germany forced to use an unlock service of up to 150 dollar costs or a jailbreak which is illegal . I am immeasurably disappointed this was my first iPhone that I bought and I regret it now that I’ve done this very . Now I have an iPhone that I can not use because AT & T shows no interest iPhones that were bought on ebay or were bought in the U.S. to unlock and so it goes thousands of people here in Germany .

  40. Hi my name is Samed from Ghana, i have an iphone 4 which was sent to me by a friend from the US and i have try to unlock it to no avail, it is an at&t iphone and i dont know if it is still under contract. i would be very happy if someone could help me out.

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