Unlock iPhone 4/4S On The Latest Firmwares Using Rebel Pro Micro SIM Card (Video)

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We have another one on the list that will unlock your iPhone 4/4S on the latest firmwares/ basebands and it is called Rebel Pro Micro SIMcard. Rebel has announced a new SIM that will unlock all iPhone’s on any baseband, yes folks including iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08. Read more below.

You might already be familiar with Rebel SIM that was published on Maypalo quite some time back. Rebel was one of the first hardware baseband unlock solution for the iPhone 4S and yes it did work, unlike others that were fake. Well now they are back and this time they have introduced a new hardware baseband unlock for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Rebel Pro Micro SIM Card.

Unlock iPhone 4/4S Using Rebel Pro Micro SIM Card.

This new unlock for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S does not require a jailbreak unlike other solutions such as Gevey Ultra and R-SIM 4 which both require a user to jailbreak their iPhone in order to install furious mod files.

Rebel Pro Micro SIM card also does not need to dial the international emergency dialing number 112.

So now the question is should you buy one? Well the answer to it depends entirely on you but we should mention to our readers at Maypalo that there is a free unlock solution available. You might have already heard about it, it’s called SAM unlock.

If this is the first time you are visiting Maypalo regarding the unlock sage. I advise you to visit the free unlock method by CLICKING HERE. But if you are still in the mood to buy Rebel pro micro SIM to unlock your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S on any baseband you can go here to order one.

So are you willingly to buy Rebel pro SIM card instead of the free one? I hardly think so.

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10 Comments to Unlock iPhone 4/4S On The Latest Firmwares Using Rebel Pro Micro SIM Card (Video)

  1. This makes me say FUCK, we been waiting for an unlock for 6 mounths
    And now they all come at the same time

  2. Gaurav Saini

    —————If you are a AT&T customer: PLEASE READ—————-
    Don’t go for either paid or free solutions. Call AT&T and get your iPhone factory unlocked for free. Let me know if you need any details.

    • I have a AT&T locked Iphone 4, but i bought it in Germany and used it with a Gevey Sim an my T-Mobile card.
      At the second jailbreak to firmware 5.01, I forgot to preserve the baseband and now I have baseband 4.11.08 and I Have a Iphone Touch.

      So is there a possibility to get this Iphone 4 unlocked by AT&T.

      • Gaurav Saini

        Yes there is still a hope. All you need to do is call AT&T and tell them them your account number / mobile number you were using. They should be able to pull up your information.
        Next thing to know is if you are eligible for an unlock at this time or not? So for that you should not be having any active or defaulted contracts with AT&T. If you closed the previous account without serving the full contract period, you must have paid the early termination fee.
        If all this is good, AT&T should be able to help u with the unlock.

  3. Ammara Wasim

    Hi Farhan!
    Thanks for sharing for up-to-date information. Your post always solves many of our problems.

  4. It’s pretty hilarious, waiting such a long time for an unlock and all of a sudden when the SAM Unlock is released for free, all the interposers arise. Well mates of R-Sim, Rebel and Gevey, and magically they now need the phone to be jailbroken. I hope your sales are flat zero. Delaying for such a long time a release.

  5. People there are not any information about iphone 4 on the official rebel website. There are just about iphone 4s. Will it works with iphone 4 bb 04.11.08?

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