Apple Has Fixed The Loophole: SAM Will No Longer Unlock Your iPhone!

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Well folks this was expected. Apple has fixed the loophole that was used to unlock your iPhone no matter what firmware or baseband you were on. In simply words you won’t be able to unlock your iPhone anymore.

Maypalo reported earlier today that Apple was fixing the activation servers which were required to unlock your iPhone. During that time you could still unlock your iPhone, as iPhone dev team member musclenerd mentioned that some would “hit or miss” but after sooner everyone was going to “miss” the unlock bug.

Well it has turned out to be true.

We have reports coming in from many readers of Maypalo that SAM no longer works to unlock iPhone. Yes folks you will no longer be able to unlock your iPhone for free, until another solution comes up.

Those users who have already unlocked their iPhone should not worry as your unlock is safe. The best thing to do now is to save those activation tickets using iFile or the popular tool, redsnow.

Those of you who could not get their iPhone unlocked, especially those iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 users you still have options that you can use to unlock your iPhone and these are; Gevey Ultra from Applenberry, R-SIM IV from R-SIM developers and finally Rebel Pro Micro SIM.

Any thoughts?

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28 Comments to Apple Has Fixed The Loophole: SAM Will No Longer Unlock Your iPhone!

  1. DAAMN, i just bought an iphone 4 locked by att today, i was thinking that i would unlock it with sam, but damn!!!!!!! what can i do?, im in Mexico lol

  2. Hey farhan I know i cant restore or update My iPhone in iTunes, but can i sync.. It?
    When 5.1 jailbreak arrives can i update it? I have My sam unlock tickets save.
    Please advise us, thanks

  3. Guys, I think I found a way to recover your unlocking state of your Iphone if you have your backup. (Only for AT&T users)

    This is how I did it:

    Insert an AT&T sim card, do the activation process through SAM
    After received the wildcard state, use the backup your activation
    Reboot your phone
    insert the sim card you have the activation tickets saved
    Copy your lockfile backup to the lockfile folder (overwriting the AT&T activation tickets previously received)
    go to sam and click restore
    Voila! Activation back!

    Hope it helps!!!


  4. Does this mean you wont be able to use any other sim card besides the one you already unlocked? I guess hardware unlock is still valuable.

  5. i have saved the unlock ticket and i restored my iphone 4 iios 5.1 firmware 04.12.01 how can i unlock now again my iphone anyone who can help

  6. Can gevey sim ultra,R-Sim IV and rebel unlock my iphone bb 04.11.08 even apple fixed their server???? Thanks

  7. I’ve already unlocked my iphone with my sim and works perfect, but i want to give to my girlfriend. It is possible that the iphone works with her sim? both sims are from the same carrier. Thanks

  8. i followed all the steps with SAM,it show wildcard activated,i can see the network but no signal so i can t use the phone.any advice?thanks.


    Hooray for Apple, nice going guys. After all exclusivity is your selling point. Shut the gates on all the social climbers who crave for your status symbol products. Tee hee…

  10. Even AT&T not doing unlock they just take a call and provide a case no..since then no reply I make call them with the case no.. the answer is wait wait..Thats it ..they just make apple users fool..Thats it ..i am waiting with the case no. from last 18 days..No news.There are many i am one of them waiting for nothing..Thanks..

  11. se eu atualizar meu iphone 4 bb 04.11.08 ios 5.0.1 desbloqueado pelo SAM salvando a bb para ios 5.1 eu ainda tenho meu iphone desbloqueado???

  12. Thanks a lot apple! After a week of freedom. Its a useless piece of paper weight again. Hopefully someone finds an unlock.

  13. Thanks a lot apple! After a week of freedom. Its a useless piece of paper weight again. Hopefully someone finds an unlock.

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