Apple HDTV Has iSight & Siri Looks Like A Large Apple Monitor: Source

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Well what do we have here today, another rumour regarding an Apple TV. This time it comes from a source who has actually seen what many are calling it a new revolution in the television sector, I’m talking about the Apple HDTV.

Apple has been rumoured to release an Apple TV from quite sometime now. It first started when Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacon mentioned that Steve Jobs had cracked the code for Apple HDTV. Since then the rumour mill has not stopped regarding the Apple TV or the iTV which ever one you prefer calling.

Well today cultofmac published something very interesting regarding the Apple TV. They claim that one of their sources has seen the actual Apple TV; yes folks the REAL thing which will change the world forever, or it wont.

The source mentions that Apple HDTV looks similar to a large Apple monitor with built in features such as iSight, Siri, Airplay and FaceTime.

The built in iSight camera will see where a person is sitting and during FaceTime it will follow them as they walk through. Or in other words it will have face detection technology much like the one Facebook is using or even more sophisticated than that.

It will also feature Siri. The much talked about feature of the iPhone 4S, the latest iteration of the iPhone currently available in the market. You will be able to talk to your TV and see what you want to, for example if you want to see any sports that is being played, you will just tell Siri that you want to watch football, baseball, etc.

Those are the features that the source has mentioned will be available on the Apple TV. But as you know Apple they might surprise you.

So folks what do you think?

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