Download Redsnow 0.9.11b4 To Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1, iPod Touch On iOS 5.1.1

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The popular jailbreaking tool has been updated once again and this time bringing more important features. You can now download redsnow 0.9.11b4 to jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1 and iPod touch from the download links below.

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The iPhone Dev team released a major upgrade to redsnow in version 0.9.11b1 bringing with it an amazing feature for those A5 device owners. The ability to downgrade to a lower firmware for iPad 2/3 and iPhone 4S for the first time ever, as the major upgrade brought changes mostly related to downgrading firmware those who were looking for a jailbreak faced many problems. Well we now have many problems fixed for redsnow for iOS 5.1.1.

This latest version of redsnow which is redsnow 0.9.11b4 fixes many problems relating to jailbreaking iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on iOS 5.1.1:

Redsnow should fix the spurious “Restore failed” messages people were sometimes getting, and it behaves better with nearby devices that have wifi syncing enabled!

Version 0.9.11b4 completes the tethered JB support for 5.1.1 on A4 devices and earlier, including proper “Stitching” and “Custom” creation of NO_BB IPSWs.

Download Redsnow 0.9.11b4

Download Mac version

Download Windows version

Well folks you can now download redsnow and securely jailbreak iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch on iOS 5.1.1 using this latest version of redsnow. And, for those people who were experiencing problems relating to jailbreak they should upgrade the version of redsnow as it has many improvements.

As always hit the comment section below for any questions.

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  1. Hello guys
    today i reboot my iphone and later on my sam unlock not working any more and i saved my unlock ticket and everything but it showing me no service all the time,please i need some help and what i have to do now

  2. after using redsnow, i managed to jb my iphone 4 but one problem came out, no service on my carrier network

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