Download Snowbreeze 2.9.5 To Jailbreak iPhone 4 On iOS 5.1.1 (Build 9B208)

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Snowbreeze has been updated to jailbreak the latest build of iPhone 4 GSM, that is build number 9B208. So go ahead and download Snowbreeze 2.9.5 to jailbreak iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1.


Apple quietly released a firmware update only for iPhone 4 GSM owners and apparently nobody knows what the new build does but many expect it to fix some minor bugs. But what it did was that stop Absinthe from jailbreaking the iPhone.

As soon as the build went online some people were left out of the jailbreak scene but Absinthe 2.02 was released to fix this problem. But those users who relied for carrier unlock could not jailbreak via Absinthe due to fear of upgrading baseband, well folks snowbreeze has been released for you.

Download Snowbreeze 2.9.5 iOS 5.1.1

Snowbreeze 2.9.5 jailbreaks iPhone 4 GSM build 9B208. Those iPhone 4 users who want to preserve baseband for unlocking purposes should jailbreak via Snowbreeze. Download Snowbreeze 2.9.5 from the link below.

Download Snowbreeze 2.9.5

This new version of Snowbreeze also fixes location service problems on iPhone 3GS (iPad baseband). And, of course this Snowbreeze version is only for A4 devices and below so no iPhone 4S, iPad 2/3.

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10 Comments to Download Snowbreeze 2.9.5 To Jailbreak iPhone 4 On iOS 5.1.1 (Build 9B208)

  1. Hello guys I’m just wondering about updating my iPhone 4 to iOS 5.1.1 but i’m not sure if my sam unlock will work after that, please i need some help

  2. to THEBEST – dont ever try to updated your phone to ios 5.1.1 or you will never unlock your phone again. SAM is dead and no longer working. i have mine unclocked by at&t cs but when i did the update to ios 5.1.1 my phone was locked again and at&t is telling me now that they cant unlocd my phone again.. suckssssssssssss!!

    • Mine was also unlocked by AT&T and still unlocked after updating to 5.1.1. Check your phone status in and see…

  3. you can still unlock your phone as long as you don’t update baseband. i’ve been using Cookie to restore my SAM activation unlock. But sometimes it won’t restore unlock. so YOU HAVE TO DO THE PROCESS of UNLOCKING USING THE SAM PROCESS (look for older posts here at Maypalo). then USE COOKIE again. wait for 2 minutes, if not unlocked, do both processes again. it will work!

  4. Maypalo> Question!!

    I have a Iphone 4 baseband 1.59.00 with IOS 4.0(8A400) this phone now is unlocked with ultrasnow (without gevey sim)

    I want to preserve the baseband and install Ios 5.1.1 and unlock with ultrasnow.

    Can I do that with Snowbreeze 2.9.5 iOS 5.1.1 and have the iphone unlocked?

    Please help me


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