FAQs About Unlock Activation Tickets For iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08/4.12.01 (Important)

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When SAM unlock for iPhone was released, people flocked to get their iPhone unlocked for free. Soon after getting their iPhone unlocked people were asked to save their unlock activation tickets which at that time seemed useless. But soon after the SAM unlock loophole was fixed by Apple, everyone knew just how important these unlock activation tickets were.

When the untethered jailbreak came out for iOS 5.1.1, people got a chance to upgrade to the latest version of iOS firmware and still keep the unlock save. We have already written two important guides showing you exactly how to upgrade to iOS 5.1.1 and still keep the unlock safe. Check them out below.

Restore SAM Unlock Activation Ticket To Unlock iPhone On iOS 5.1.1 (Manual method)

Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08/4.12.01 On iOS 5.1.1 Using Activation Tickets With Redsnow (Automatic method/easy method)

Most of you managed to get your iPhone unlocked by following any of the above two methods, but it seems some of you did not. So here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding restoring SAM unlock for iOS 5.1.1.

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I do not have unlock activation tickets can I get my iPhone unlocked?

The answer to this is simple NO. You wont be able to get your iPhone unlocked on any baseband if you do not have saved unlock activation tickets. Even if you unlocked your iPhone before with SAM and did not save the unlock tickets you still wont be able to get it unlock. So you get the idea how important these activation tickets are.

I have activation tickets but I still can’t unlock my iPhone, what should I do?

Now this is a very broad question and there can be many reason you won’t be able to get iPhone unlocked even though you have activation tickets saved. So here are a few reason you might be doing something wrong:

1) You might not have followed the guide correctly, I suggest you follow the guide which uses Redsnow to upload your activation tickets.

2) You might not be on iOS 5.1.1. This method works ONLY for iOS 5.1.1, so if you are on iOS 5.0.1 it wont work.

3) This method works only for the specific SIM card that you originally unlocked with SAM. Make sure you are using that SPECIFIC SIM card which was used originally.

Can I borrow my friends activation tickets to unlock my iPhone?

These activation tickets are for specific SIM cards let alone phones. So you wont be able to use anybody’s activation tickets to unlock your iPhone.

I saved my unlock activation tickets but I cant find it, what should I do?

When we first showed you the guide for saving these activation tickets, it was saved on an email. So search in your email for unlock activation tickets and if its still not there search it on your computer. A .zip would have been created on your computer or if you had saved it manually a .plist file would have been created.

This method for restoring does not work, It is fake!

Well I can assure you that I have personally tested this method and it DOES WORK. For those of you who are complaining that this is fake, well try it out for yourself and see the result.

My baseband is 4.11.08/4.12.01 or (Insert baseband number) Would this method still work on iOS 5.1.1?

Yes. This method (depending on if you have saved the activation ticket) would work on any baseband even the infamous 4.11.08 on iOS 5.1.1.

I’m on iOS 5.1.1 with unlock activation tickets saved and the method does not work.

As I have mentioned above you might be following the guide incorrectly. If you are on iOS 5.1.1 and restoring SAM unlock does not work you might not be on a preserved baseband. To preserve baseband use Redsnow or Snowbreeze (Windows) or PwnageTool 5.1.1 (Mac).

I have unlocked iPhone on iOS 5.1.1 with saved unlock activation tickets, am I safe?

So far yes. But as you would know Apple’s WWDC is just round the corner and iOS 6 would be coming out soon. So I advise you to NOT update to iOS 6 when it comes out. Until we get confirmation if SAM unlock works on it.

So folks those are some of the frequent questions I have been asked and I hope most of your questions have been answered. If you still have any questions, you can comment in the section below or you can simply comment on our Facebook fan page.

Even though it’s not possible to reply each and every question but I assure you we read every question and if we see some questions constantly appearing we will write an article on it. So stay tuned to Maypalo.

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29 Comments to FAQs About Unlock Activation Tickets For iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08/4.12.01 (Important)

  1. I have activation tickets but I still can’t upgrade 5.1.1 .my iPhone4 ios 5.0.1 bb 04.11.08, what should I do?

    • I did upgrade from 5.0.1 bb 04.11.08 to 5.1.1 and my SAM unlock tickets That were saved when i had 5.0.1 worked fine

  2. I am doubting that this SAM unlock wont work anymore in iOS 6 if Apple did completely overhauled their file system.

  3. Howdy Maypaloers, I’ve followed this guide and tried it many times, I restored my SAM saved activation tickets with Redsn0w, I turn on the device adn I get No Servicer message, I also installed SAM to check activation status, SAM is disabled and in the More Information section I see Activated.

    What might I be doing wrong.

    • if the network on tyhe sim that your using shows in settings/general/about and still theres no signal maybe theres something wrong with the antenna

  4. I unlock my iphone 4 baseband 04.11.08 and iso 5.0.1 through SAM way… but I save my activation ticket 17th may 2012… now can I upgrade to 5.1.1 without losing my unlock….. does this activation will work for me because I save my ticket too late.

  5. Hi I saved my activation ticket with the help of cookie well now will I be able to update to ios 5.1.1??? and is cookie used to save activation tickets ??

    • Is it way better if you manually save your Activation Ticket.

      and copy the whole folder of “Lockdown”. Keep it safe, have a backup copy also with redsn0w. Lastly, preserved your baseband before you updated to 5.1.1.

  6. Why bother

    I dont get it. Why bother? Youve waited for a long time to get your iphone unlocked and when you finally did why take risk?

  7. boas pessoal. eu tenho um iphone 4 com a base dados 4.12.01 ios 5.1.1 ja tentei muitos métodos de desbloqueio e nada alguém pode ajudar ?

  8. good staff. I have an iphone 4 with database 4:12:01 ios 5.1.1 I tried many methods to unlock and nothing can anyone help?

  9. Plz can u explain in detail or give me a link with which I can help myself I am not getting Wat r u saying

  10. hola soy de guatemala y tenia ios 5.0.1 bb 4.11.08 y libere con sam luego actualice a ios 5.1.1 pero con un custon para tener la liberacion de sam pero como tenia problemas con los push me ariesgue a restaurara con itunes y me puso la bb 4.12 y luego copie las carpetas osea lo ticket que salve ne la bb 4.11.08 y si me lo libero nuevamente

  11. Hello Maypalo/limbuyeng

    I have an iPhone 4 / BB 4.11.08 / iOS 5.0.1 and I have tried to unlock my phone today using SAM following all methods posted in the website but no lucky to get signal bars, so I think that Apple has fixed the issue to allow us to do that. Is that correct?

    If yes, is there any other way to unlock my iphone for this BB/iOS or we need to wait for better news from the hackers =).

    Thanks for all help.

  12. I was given an iphone 4s with 5.1.1 9B203 with base band of 2.0.12. I also have gevey sim ultra multi network sim. The phone isn’t activated. Is there any way I could unlock it to use it on ATT?

  13. I have a question.

    I unlocked my phone 3gs with SIM (A). I then upgraded to the iPhone 4 and then I got SIM (B). While with my telco they switched all my details onto my new SIM (B).

    Because this method requires the original SIM would my SIM (B) be a duplicate of SIM (A) thus allowing this method to work for me?

    Also because my original unlock via SAM was on my 3GS would this work on my iPhone 4?

    Thanks for all your help.

  14. Does the date when you save your activation tickets matter? I forgot when i saved mine so i looked at my lockdown folder and the date on the files was may 24. Can i still use it? I used cookie to save activation tickets. Pls. reply thanks! 🙂

  15. i have not used any SAM unlocking method yet, and i don’t have or know what is an ‘activation ticket’ is… how do i unlock my iphone 4 bb 4.11.08 ios 5.0.1?
    i appreciate your replies experts.
    thanks in advance
    BR & God bless

  16. See I am no one big but there is no unlock available as such many sites claim they factory unlock 04.11.08 but it’s a scam stay intouch with maypalo soon it will provide a solution

  17. so, while waiting for the latest unlock method for bb 04.11.08 ios 5.0.1, should i jailbreak my iphone4 now? with what redsnow version is most recommended?
    thanks again in advance
    BR & God bless

  18. Hey folks, I was wondering, what if I change my iPhone at the apple store (it’s not working really well) and get a new one ? would I be able to unlock my new iPhone with my sam ticket backup? Or is it simply working with my current iPhone AND my sim card?


    can some one pls tell me what is SAM unlock Activation tickets… and how to save it… thx

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