Check Out This Amazing White iPhone 5 (Pictures)

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Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference gone and there was no news regarding an iPhone 5 but that has not stopped many people from creating their own iPhone 5’s. Well check out this amazing white iPhone 5 pictures that look amazing and realistic.

We have seen some amazing iPhone 5 concepts here at Maypalo, some have been amazing while some have been not that good. This white iPhone 5 falls in to the first category. These are one hell of realistic iPhone 5’s.

If you remember quite sometime ago, we posted a leak picture of the iPhone 5 back panel and this white iPhone 5 concepts is made out of those leaked information.

Doesn’t this look amazing?

Well the pictures show this white iPhone 5 running on the latest version of iOS and that is iOS 6, which Apple unveiled a couple of days ago in WWDC bringing over 200 new features.

It is expected that Apple will launch iPhone 5 or next iPhone whichever one you prefer calling this fall alongside the release of iOS 6 to public.

Any thoughts?

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10 Comments to Check Out This Amazing White iPhone 5 (Pictures)

  1. I don’t like having a two tone color on back panel. It’s makes it look CHEAP… Overall = Nothings New About this iPhone, better go find something more interesting.

  2. I hope it isnt as big as the samsung galaxy s3 that is fucking huge. The dimension of the iPhone 4 is the right one.
    And Apple never reveals the new iphones design, this is just a guess, but for sure it will be better than the always secondary samsung galaxy s3

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