iPhone 5 Will Put Other Smartphones To Shame Especially Samsung Galaxy S3: CEO Foxconn

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Samsung Galaxy S3, the flagship smartphone from Samsung has taken a big hit from Terry Gou, CEO of Foxconn. He claims that the up coming iPhone, that is the iPhone 5 from Apple will put Samsung Galaxy S3 to shame.

Samsung unveiled its latest smartphone, the third in the series of the Galaxy series only a month or so ago. When it was launched the first thing we got to know was that Samsung Galaxy S3 is a powerhouse, it is currently one of the most powerful smartphones you can buy. It packs a whopping 2GB of RAM, that is the highest I have ever seen in a mobile device.

Currently the Samsung Galaxy S3 has got good reviews from many media outlets but that is not stopping CEO of Foxconn having a go at the Samsung phone.

Terry Gou CEO of Foxconn in a shareholder meeting mentioned something that pretty much sent headlines around the world. He mentioned that Foxconn will beat Samsung in five years but not only that, iPhone 5 is going to put Samsung Galaxy to shame.

Gou also urged consumers to wait for the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, saying that the new model will put Samsung’s Galaxy III to shame

So what Terry Gou is saying that iPhone 5, which we only hear rumours about is going to leave the flagship device from Samsung in the dust? That’s exactly what he is saying and to make things even more interesting, Terry Gou might be among the only few people who have actually seen the iPhone 5. This is because he is the CEO of the company that is actually making the iPhone 5!

Amazing right?

The reason he might be saying all this is because he simply hates Samsung. In the shareholder meeting he mentioned that he has made his lifetime goal to defeat Samsung.

Well whatever the case might be, this creates even more interest in iPhone 5. What do you think?

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4 Comments to iPhone 5 Will Put Other Smartphones To Shame Especially Samsung Galaxy S3: CEO Foxconn

  1. Ow common give us a break for this iPhone 5.
    We’ve learned already for their false advertisements.

  2. Iphone is bullshit! you guys r trying to beat the best after 5 years?……is dat what ur saying? by dat tym samsung will cum thru d backdoor! Y r the iphone ads so fake! hu dont like iphone! evryone dose but d ting is dat u iphone peoples r bragin too much as if u dare stepped into d arena wit d former samsung smartphones…….

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